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Honours Minor - Managing Projects in a Globalised World

Today and tomorrow's challenges are complex. The world has changed into a global village, facing global challenges, such as the depletion of natural resources, growing populations, reduced food security and rising sea levels. Innovative and multidisciplinary approaches are needed to address these complex challenges, whether it is locally, nationally or internationally. Multidisciplinary projects are the engines that make change and innovation, necessary to survive in today's world, possible.


Growing sector, increasing employment

Project management as a profession has grown significantly in the past decade. Businesses, governmental organisations and non-profit organisations alike organise their work more and more in projects. Therefore there is an increasing need for professionals in project management and project leaders. Regardless which organisation you will be working for in future, knowledge and skills in project management will be one of the most asked requirements.


Quotes from students

"This minor was the perfect match for me between theory and practice of project management and research. I worked in a multidiscplinary team on a project in Indonesia. We developed a new business model for Rutgers, an international centre of expertise on sexual and reproductive health and rights. I liked the fact that we worked on a business challenge for a non-business oriented organisation. Also the experience of working and living in Indonesia was great!".

"This minor was a very good preparation for my graduation internship. We developed a programme on e-commerce for the Zwolle region and supported this by applied research. Our client Kennispoort uses our programme for the further development of the region in e-commerce. My team consisted of students from different nationalities, so although the project itself had a regional focus, the team was international!".


21st century skills

Project management involves planning, coordinating, costing and evaluating projects of all sizes, as well as managing the people and risks involved. In this minor, important 21st century skills are addressed, such as collaboration and leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation.


(International) project assignment

During the minor, you will work in a (muiltidisciplinary) team on a complex project in an organisational context, either in the Netherlands or abroad. This means that you will be gaining work experience on project management in an organisation for approx. 10 weeks. Apart from this, you will receive intensive training, workshops and master classes from experts from the work field in project management and research. Different themes will be covered:

  • Research in different project management phases, such as situation analysis, needs assessment, monitoring and evaluation research
  • Developing a project scope, project planning, managing project resources, budgetting and risk management
  • Creative thinking, innovation, managing people and conflict, intercultural skills


Division of minor in ECs

The minor is divided into four educational units:

  1. Working on an in-company project assignment with a multidisciplinary team: 15EC
  2. Leadership Development Programme 10 EC
  3. Free choice: 5EC

The free choice courses are workshops in for instance Public Relations & Stakeholder Management, Family Business and Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding


Learning objectives

In this Honours Minor you learn to develop, plan and implement a complex project within an organisational setting. You learn how to collaborate within a multidisciplinary team. Also, as this is an international minor, you will most probably work with students from different nationalities. The minor prepares you for the IPMA-D exam, which is an international recognised exam on project management. The minor gives you also the freedom to choose workshops that are in your own interest sphere, or  to learn another language. If your English needs some polishing, you can follow an English language course.

The minor enables you to develop your strengths further by identifying your natural talents and skills. Also we coach you in developing a 'growth mindset' which means you see challenges instead of problems, you learn from failure and you are motivated by the success of your team colleagues.

Aanvullende informatie

We offer projects in the Netherlands and abroad. If you choose for an international project, you need to cover the costs for travel, local housing etc. yourself. Depending on the country, this will costs you between €1000 and €2.500 (max) in total. The project assignments are acquired by Windesheim Honours College.


Completed at least 120 EC or 150 ECs (year 3 students) and 180 EC (year 4 students)

Good command of English (oral and writing skills); minimum B2 level, preferred C1.

Motivation letter

If one or two courses are missing; explain in your motivation letter. 


Working on an in-company project with a multidisciplinary team: 15 ECs

Leadership Development Programme 10 Ecs.

Free Choice: depends on the workshops/courses you choose - 5 ECs :

Grant Writing;

Family Business;

Visual Change Management


To be announced later. Costs, appr. €120


In the first 10 weeks, you will follow a programme at Windesheim Honours College (WHC) for three days a week. Two days a week you will work at the organisation for which you do your project with your project team. The second 10 weeks, you will work on your project full-time. If your project is an international project, this will be the time that you will go abroad for 8 weeks. The final two weeks you will be at WHC again for final presentations, intervision and feedback sessions.