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All-round Designer

About the course

Are you creative and aiming to work for an innovative small ormedium sized enterprise (SME) or design agency? Then this minor programme is fit for you. Working for a design agency or an innovative SME requires all-round skills and knowledge. Your client expects you to consider all technical, commercial and human-interaction interests it takes to turn his product idea into a market hit. This all-round or integrated approach is what this minor programme is all about. Key is that it involves working on real assignments for real clients!


The minor is available in three variants:

• EDPADENG: ‘Engineering’ with emphasis on function and manufacturing of a product design

• EDPADPE: ‘Product Experience’ with emphasis on design for interaction(s)

• EDPADI: ‘Innovation’ with emphasis on early-stage
(a.k.a. ‘fuzzy front-end’) of the innovation process.

Your main project and most of the courses will fit your chosen variant.


Entry Requirements

General requirements: two years of design/engineering and English B2 level. Note that for the Innovation variant a business related study also applies.

Application deadline for foreign students

Application deadline: June 1st (Fall semester) and November 1st (Spring semester).


Classes will be scheduled between 8:30 AM and 18:30 PM, with a maximum of 6 to 8 hours a day.

Two weeks before start of the semester, the schedules are published.


P R O J E C T A L L - R O U N D D E S I G N E R             ( 2 1 E C T S  C R E D I T S )

An intensive design and creation or innovation project spread over a 15-week period. You work both in teams and individually. The project must lead to a concrete product, a convincing concept or business proposals for participating industries. Choose between three varieties as detailed below.

Professional Life (2 ECTS credits)

All you should know about the design business and your career start. Learn how to create, check and enhance your portfolio, make an effective LinkedIn page, use social media, about the ins and outs of a small business, and much more.

Workshop international week (2 ECTS credits)

Teams work in close collaboration with visiting foreign students. The assignments are company-driven design explorations. The workshop takes one week.

Designing Interactive Products (3 ECTS credits)

In this course you will acquire the tools, knowledge and skills for designing and prototyping interactive products. Subjects like user-product interaction, Interaction Design, user experience, sensors and actuators and programming Arduino will be discussed.

Open Subject (2 ECTS credits)

Choose subjects of your preference in consultation with the minor coordinator. Foreign students can attend the introduction and language programme (check your Learning Agreement).

Project variant EDPADENG:


Biomimicry: Learn from nature how to solve engineering challenges.

When it comes to problem-solving, nature has a 3.5 billion-year head start on humans. In this course you learn a methodology to apply biomimicry in a design process.

Course modules All-round Designer (total 30 ECTS credits)

Functional Testing: Learn how to design experiments and do research to find out if your ideas for functions will work in real life.

Factory Excursions & Design Rules of Production Techniques:

Conduct research into design rules of the manufacturing techniques suitable for your design and apply these rules in the project.

Mechanical Strength Analysis: Prove that your product will hold the forces applied on them, by assessing the critical points in the

design and calculating the mechanical strength.


Project variant EDPADPE:


Consumer Experience: In the course of the project, several lectures concerning the experiential psychology of consumers will be given, linked to an assignment.

Design Research: Embedded in the project we will offer knowledge about how to research consumer experience aspects and the communication of cultural meaning through design.

Meaningful Design: You will do design research and an assignment on communicating meaning by the use of design tools, such as color, shape, material etc.

Product Context: Introduction to the design of a context to support the use of a product.

Project variant PADI:


Business Strategy: Learn how to develop a professional business strategy by means of hands-on strategic tools.

Advanced Marketing: A modern marketing approach with emphasis on product strategy and the early stages of and innovation.

Methods & Management: Different methodologies for innovation will be presented. Also, you will learn how to facilitate creativity sessions through first-hand experience.

Market Research: Which tools are available for substantive market research? These are dealt with from both a theoretical and a practical perspective.

Aanvullende informatie

Practical information

General entry requirements: two years of bachelor study in a relevant field (e.g. engineering, business, etc.) and English-language skills at B2 level. Note that for the Innovation variant also a business related study applies.

For more information on entry requirements, application deadlines,semester duration, accommodation and on how to apply, please visit our website:


For questions about the programme: Mr Martijn Verkuijl, / phone: +31 88 469 86 09

Mr Paul Touw, International Coordinator, / phone: +31 88 469 77 93

For general questions about exchange programmes: Windesheim International Office: / phone: +31 88 469 97 77