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Applied mechanics ENG

You find your passion in designing and developing Machines. Furthermore you are keen on analyzing (mostly) mechanical problems and finding solutions for them. If that description fits you like a glove, the Minor Applied Mechanics is perfect for you. During this course you will deepen your knowledge of mechanical design. You will also put it into practice during several real, company-driven, projects. Examples of companies are MechDes, VMI, Zuidberg, AWL, Wavin, Nyland cycling en Smart


How to apply: To apply to Windesheim, please complete and submit the application form available at


Classes will be scheduled between 8:30 AM and 18:30 PM, with a maximum of 6 to 8 hours a day.

Two weeks before start of the semester, the schedules are published.


Engineering & Simulation Advanced mechanics of materials. Finite Element Analysis. Version control, file management, Product Data Management 5 EC

System Dynamics and Vibrations Dynamics, kinematics, vibrations. Solid Works Motion. 5 EC

Machine components/KISSOFT 3 Machine components (introduction and design), e.g.: shafts, bearings, gears, shaft-hub connections, springs, threaded fasteners, drive belts, drive chains. Specifically, special versions of these components and relevant design calculations using software. 3 EC

Machinery Directive, CE marking Machinery Directive, CE marking of machinery and components. 3 EC

Designing for reliability and lifetime Design procedures to determine and improve the reliability of machines, probability calculations, failure analysis, fatigue strength, static and dynamic point loads, friction (tribology), wear mechanisms, lubricants and material selection. 3 EC

Applied Mechanics project

This project covers the study and design of mechanical systems. Small groups of students actively engage in a real life problem. You will work for one or two days every week at a company, this company provides an engineering assignement . Examples of companies are MechDes, VMI, Zuidberg, AWL, GeesinkNorba, Verbruggen en Aebi-Schmidt. 6 EC

Drive Technology

An introduction to several types of drives with different technologies. 3 EC

Technical English

The objective is to provide a training in translating Dutch technical texts into English so that you will be able to write a graduation report in English (when required) or an executive summary without disturbing mistakes in grammar, spelling, idioms and style. 1 EC

Optional subject

1 EC

Cross-departmental subjects are also available: Introduction Programme, Dutch Language, Dutch Society, Intercultural Awareness. (Total 14 EC

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