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Strategies for Innovative Communication

The Fontys minor ‘Strategies for Innovative Communication’ is an in-depth minor of 30 ECTS. This minor is all about state-of-the-art applied research and strategy. The program focusses on developing your skills to be a true ‘boundary spanner’, a role we believe to be essential for future professionals in the area of Branding, PR, Marketing and Communication.

In teams you will conduct explorative research, aimed at examining the human value and cultural possibilities. By using new technologies and your newly developed vision on strategies you'll convince clients of your innovative communications concepts. The assignments are challenging and enhances your professional practice of communication. The city is used as a playing field. Your own frame of reference, related to the city you come from, serves as a starting point to start exploring urban life in the Brainport region. We specifically provide you with tools that help you use the power of storytelling as a means building strategies for innovative communication.

The international character of this minor teaches you also about intercultural communication. And on top of that, you will create a network of international colleagues and improve your English skills.

For an impression of the course, please watch the video below


Practical information

Duration: 20 weeks

Contact hours: 15-20 hours per week

Credits: 30 ECTS

Semester: Fall and spring

Location: Eindhoven

Language: English



This minor is under the supervision of Fontys School of Economics and Communication in Eindhoven.

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or call +31(0)8850 78224


Toetsing Strategies for Innovative Communication