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Transmedia Design for Creative Industries


This minor focuses on the research and design of transmedia productions, both in the world of entertainment and branding in general.  Transmedia design means creating interactive stories and story worlds that unfold across various channels and platforms, engaging the audience deeply and encouraging them to participate.


In the entertainment industry the story ís the product: designing transmedia here means expanding that story by enlarging the story world on multiple platforms. Transmedia marketing, however, involves the design of interactive content to fit the core values of a brand. It is focused on getting the right message to the right target group. A brand, then, can be a company but also a person or an NGO, using transmedia strategy as a tool to raise awareness on societal issues.


The minor program offers theoretical courses and practical skill training that includes graphic and web design, filming and editing, (scenario)writing and creating storyboards, but also analysing skills for evaluation purposes (creating a KPI-dashboard).  By reflecting on successful transmedia products, the students develop a critical and academic view on the potential and issues of transmedia in the field of branding and entertainment. This includes excursions to inspirational events and companies.

The main focus however is on designing a real transmedia production as a teamwork effort for an actual client or as a self-contained production.

The minor is taught completely in English. The setting is an international classroom with a mix of Dutch and Exchange students.


Transmedia Design for Creative Industries