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Transmedia Design for Creative Industries

Are you crazy about storytelling? If you want to learn how to tell a powerful story – AND you are a bit of a pixel geek – then this minor definitely suits you. The minor Transmedia Design is the ultimate fit for those who like puzzles, mysteries, and games; love films, stories and online platforms but also have a thing for marketing.

During the minor Transmedia Design you will learn all about Transmedia Storytelling. And we at Fontys ACI encourage learning by doing so this means that you will do so by designing an Transmedia entertainment product, a (awareness) campaign or any other multiplatform experience. One that turns your audience into a fan of your product, your brand or your topic.

Great, so, what ís Transmedia storytelling then? Simply put, transmedia storytelling is telling a coherent story on multiple platforms. While each platforms forms its own unique experience about parts of the story, all platforms together give an extra dimension and add value to the story world as a whole. So, the more you dig, the and lure the user in to not just consume but actually also contribute to and take part in the story. In some cases, the user might even take over control and end the story in his own way.

Transmedia Franchises are sometimes huge, like  for instance Harry Potter. But they can also be quite small and guerrilla like marketing campaigns, scavenger hunts or Alternate Reality Games. It is a challenge to get a small target group hugely involved to be your ambassador and help you spread your interactive story.

The minor programme:

As mentioned before: The most important part of the minor program is working in a team on your Transmedia Production, that you will actually execute and publish. Your team will either work for a client (in that case you’ll execute and publish a pilot version) or create its own independent production, under the supervision of an industry expert.

Off course the minor team will intensively coach you on this process.

During the minor you will follow lectures on Transmedia Design, Storytelling and (online) Marketing, and you’ll improve your (ADOBE) media design tools and get acquainted with innovative media like VR, AR and A.I. creative tools.

Workshops are provided for creative thinking and concepting, worldbuilding, multiplatform strategy design, Google and social analytics,

There is also time for sharing the knowledge and skills you learn: During a weekly feedback session you will look at each others work to help each other to get to the best transmedia design possible; you’ll also analyse famous transmedia best practices and discuss these with your fellow student and your lecturers in order to develop a critical and academic view on the potential of Transmedia Storytelling when it comes to the field of branding and entertainment.

NOTE: You will work on your creative skills: writing, graphical design or video- and audio editing are an important part of the minor. However, the minor is NOT a school in graphical  ADOBE design, video- and technical skills. We expect an independent learning attitude from our minor students, that mostly involves working with tutorials. Some beginner workshops will be offered for students who are new to the area of designing. On request we might offer workshops for advanced students. Coaches will be available to help with specific questions about different Adobe programs.

The minor is taught completely in English. The setting is an international classroom with students of several different nationalities.


The minor will be assessed through 3 deliverables and a final portfolio assessment.

  1. The transmedia production (team effort),
  2. A case study paper (individual)
  3. A treatment design of a given movie/series (pairs).

The minor aims to tap as much as possible into your own learning goals connected to the domain of transmedia design and assesses these personal learning goals by having regular one on one talks about these goals and an end portfolio assessment to assess your overall learnings from the minor.



Minor Regulation
Here you can find the minor regulation
The purpose of the minor regulation is to inform you about the subjects within the minor, how the testing is set up and when you have concluded the minor. Students can derive rights out of the text of the minor regulation.