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BeCreative Minor – become the Creative Engineer of the Future

The BeCreative Minor is a project-based technology-oriented minor, offering a unique mix of unforgettable experiences, technical challenges, and creative design methods. Learn the skills of tomorrow. Discover your strengths. And become the creative engineer of the future. Companies need innovation; combining creativity and technology enables you to develop innovative products.

BeCreative is the technology-focused minor program that runs from February till July in Brainport Eindhoven, Netherlands, the place to be for (future) engineers in high-tech and innovation. In 20 weeks of intensive project-based learning, you’ll discover what it takes to develop a challenging prototype from scratch. Participants say: “this minor is an amazing experience that changed my view on technology projects forever”; and: “I learned how to do the right (innovative) project, rather than doing a project right.” It’s an amazing way of learning by doing, designing and building without old-school exams. And this started in the first week with the Creativity Bootcamp designed and lead by Peter Torpey from the famous Media Lab of MIT Boston. After that the real game is on: for 19 weeks you can fully focus on your project, the development of an amazing technical prototype. You may choose your project from a list of technical challenges that we have available, or you can propose your own project. An example project, related to our Health theme is shown in the video below. Explore more projects? Visit:


First week: Creativity Bootcamp designed by Peter Torpey from the Media Lab of MIT Boston. You will develop new skills, learn creative tools, and push your boundaries. We focus on combining creativity and technology. This is an amazing and intense experience, including evening program, so you will stay overnight in a B&B in Eindhoven. The bootcamp program includes: an excursion, a hackathon, and an exhibition.

Next 19 weeks: Inspired by the bootcamp and your personal goals, you choose a challenging engineering project. The goal of this project is to develop together with your team mates an innovative prototype, not yet available on the market. You will receive intensive support from stakeholders (companies) and (technical) experts. The project coaches will guide you and your team with the design and realization of the prototype. Besides that, the Be Creative team members organize workshops and presentations to share their expertise and knowledge with the other team members. A great informal way to help each other growing in the field of technologies and skills.


Wanted: Technology enthusiasts+ Experimenters + Do-ers
Eligibility: 3rd /4th year technology students
Limited places: 3rd /4th year non-tech students, with technical affinity (intake interview required)
Note: we can accommodate a maximum of 40 students only; be sure to register quickly!

For registrations after June 30. Please drop us an email.
Got a Question? Connect directly with the Program Lead.
Harold Benten - mail: call: +31 649821701


To finalize the BeCreative minor, each project team presents its prototype at the Engineering in Practice Symposium. In addition to the group deliverables, an individual interview with the project coaches is also part of the final assessment. After successful completion, you will be rewarded 30 ECTS.

Further details can be found in the minor regulation. The minor regulation describes how the assessment is set up and the conditions for completion.

We support you to become the creative engineer of the future.



About BeCreative:

This minor is fully project based, so no exams. In this way you can focus (without distractions) on your engineering design challenge. The goal of your project is to develop an innovative product or service that is not yet available on the market.

Our projects are defined by technology companies (such as Philips and Atos) or technological institutes (such as TU-Eindhoven and MIT Boston) or creative organizations (such as Glow and Rock Academy). Alternatively, you can come up with you own project; after review and acceptance it can become a BeCreative project.

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