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E-preneurship E-commerce & E-fulfilment

Today’s economy is rapidly changing because of the strong growing E-commerce businesses. During the minor students will learn about E-commerce & E-fulfilment and acquire entrepreneurial competences to make an E-business successful. These competences are inevitable in case of future independency (entrepreneurship) and highly appreciated in corporate management positions (intrapreneurship / business development manager). Both are focused on exploring new opportunities, business building, in order to create economic value and therefore are of key economical and social importance in modern society.

E-commerce & E-fulfilment; Introduction phase:
Introduction to e-commerce
ICT and e-commerce
Traffic channels and internet marketing
Assortment, buying & merchandising
Transportation & delivery & last-mile
Returns management

E-fulfilment; Advanced phase
Cross-border e-fulfilment
Innovation concepts in e-commerce
Utilizing big data to optimize the e-commerce Supply Chain
Optimizing and managing the last-mile
Legal, customs and compliance
Managing hyper growth in a physical e-commerce environment
Mechanization versus HR planning – How to Manage peak periods?


Business plan writing
E-marketing and sales:
Market, customer and the way of communication with the market/customer
Research methods and business planning
E-business finance
Entrepreneurial behaviour
Workshop techniques


The introduction phase provides the students the theoretical basis needed to be able to gain more in-depth knowledge about e-fulfilment and to apply the obtained knowledge and competences in the advanced phase by carrying out projects for real e-companies. The projects will be guided by their internal (teacher) and external (company) coach. So this minor has the unique combination and mix of learning and doing.

At the end of the minor students will have broader knowledge about the in the schedule above mentioned topics, understand the relation between the topics, can apply the gained knowledge in real projects within e-companies and by that even can integrate these fields of knowledge, investigate, analyse, improve and or develop (new) business opportunities within an (international) operating e-company. The acquired competences are of great importance for achieving success in the emerging world of e-business. According to, an organization that represents the e-business industry in the Netherlands, there is a high demand for competent managers with these qualities.


Practical information

Duration: 20 weeks

Contact hours: 12 - 15 per week average

Required hours study time: 40 per week average    

Credits: 30 ECTS

Certificates (2): Fontys Minor and E-Academy Thuiswinkel

Start: September (S1) and Februari (S2)

Location: Venlo

Language: English



Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Fontys Hogeschool Techniek en Logistiek)

Tegelseweg 255, 5912 BG Venlo.


For further information please contact the minor-coordinator Mr. Johan Wijnhoven

by Email or telephone number 0031 (0) 8850 85500.      



Toetsing E-preneurship E-commerce & E-fulfilment