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International Business Management


The hot seat from an international manager is yours in this minor!

Society is changing at breakneck speed. Small as well as large enterprises in any sector of business are confronted with many challenges. Globalization brings many opportunities for all kind of companies. Investment in innovation is and remains a fixed item on the agendas of many companies. Concepts such as internet of things and big data are hot topics in business nowadays.

The world is changing so fast that your future job probably does not exist right now.

We prepare you for these new jobs. In International Business Management you will experience more than just a minor. After completing IBM, you are able to differentiate yourself from your peers, and you will boost your career opportunities in the increasingly competitive labour market.

Would you like to be the qualified manager who is able to take the best possible decisions for your company in these turbulent times? In the minor International Business Management, you develop your knowledge, skills and attitude so you can excel in your field of expertise.
In this minor you experience globalization in real life: students from all over the world are represented in the minor programme. Moreover, students from various study programs participate in IBM. Students value our international and interdisciplinary classroom setting. Highly trained and experienced lecturers guarantee our expertise and state of the art courses, where the latest developments will be discussed.

Students valued the minor International Business Management extremely well in the previous years. It served as a great preparation for their bachelor project and for their domestic or international career.

Although the minor is valued very well in the previous semesters by ours students, we decided to renew the IBM concept and to put our students even more central in this programme. From now on you could elect your preferred specialisation course. We created six deepening courses based on the demands from students: Global Sport Marketing, Business Psychology, Business Game, International Events Management, International Customer Insights and Leadership and Coaching. We invite you to customize your International Business Management Minor!

Questions are always welcome. Feel free to contact the coordinator mr. van Melis:


Minor overview

The minor International Business Management prepares students for a world-class business career. We will invite our students to virtually enter multinational companies, and confront them with real life decisions CEO’s and marketing managers face in daily life. The aim of this minor is to explore the newest ideas for turbulent times in a way that is interesting and valuable to students.

The minor International Business Management is truly international. Students from all over the world participate in this programme. Next to this the classroom setting is really interdisciplinary, various majors are represented. This creates an exciting and dynamic classroom setting.

International Management (12 ECTS) is obligatory in this minor. Next to this course, students are invited in the International Marketing course. Students with a marketing background participate in the International Marketing for Marketers course. Students without marketing experience follow the International Marketing for non-Marketers course. Next to these 24 credits, students could choose a specialization course worth 6 ECTS which fits best to their personal demands.


Didactical approach

- The entire study load for the minor IBM (30 ECTS) is 720 hours.

- Students do have 16 lecture hours every week.
      - International Management 7 hours a week
      - International Marketing 7 hours a week
      - Specialization course 2 hours a week

- Various didactical approaches and testing methods will be used, depending on the course. Please read the course descriptions for more detail. In general:
      - Using a combination of established teaching, new ideas and real-life applications students will see how interesting and challenging modern business life can be;
      - The minor IBM will use the most up-to-date literature, relevant knowledge about all the relevant fields of interest will be gained;
      - Recent developments, cases and examples in today’s business will be used by the lecturers; theory will be linked to daily life examples, interesting guest lecturers and exiting company visits;

- Analytical skills will be gained during the courses. Students will be challenged to take the hot seat from decision makers, and are asked to make decisions based on their own analysis;
- The minor is interactive, students will participate in classes, interact with their lecturers and colleague students, debate their case solutions and develop their knowledge, skills and attitude;
- Students have to pass all the separate learning arrangements in order to pass the minor IBM. Students who fail one learning arrangement get the opportunity to redo the examination from this learning arrangement.


Required background

The entire program of the International Business Management minor is offered in English, therefore students need a decent level of English skills to complete the minor IBM. Please read more about the required background for the choice packages at this section.

Students with a related and unrelated major are welcome in this minor. This minor is relevant for both groups. Students with a related major could deepen their management and marketing knowledge in a truly international environment. Students with a unrelated major could broaden their knowledge and link the business management concepts to their education and use it for their future profession.

Students with a marketing background are invited for the MLA 3 Marketing for Marketers course. Students without a marketing background are invited for the MLA 4 Marketing for non-Marketers course.

Next to this, all courses are open for all students who have a decent level of English skills.


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