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Embrace TEC (Technology Entrepreneurship and Creativity)

Are you full of ideas that can change the world?

Does your idea have the opportunity to create enormous relevant impact?

Do you need technology for this mind blowing solution, and do you think you have to understand all technology to implement it in your idea?

Well… it’s not!

You can embrace technology and create your future solution!

You don’t even have to be creative, because everybody is creative. We will reveal your hidden talents and empower all your skills to let you change the world!



Are you interested in technology? Eager to challenge the relationship between humans and machines? Curious to discover new technologies and relate them to your own major?

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone, together with us? Enjoy a half year full of experiments referring to a global challenge?

Apply for this minor! Develop yourself as a world citizen and make evident contributions to a better world!


Work on your own idea; be a future shaper!

At the beginning you’ll be inspired, and receive a lot of new input. A seed will be planted that will flourish while working on your future solution of a global challenge. You are going to work on your idea, and prototype this solution according to the Design Thinking process. We believe in the importance of autonomy and intrinsic motivation for your creative process, in which you’ll experience a high degree of self-ownership.

Why?   Because the future demands for students who: 

  • Are able to solve complex problems
  • Acknowledge and develop their creative potential
  • Are emotional intelligent
  • Can think in a flexible way
  • Are able to work within a multidisciplinary team
  • Treat intercultural issues with respect
  • Are motivated to speak, read and write English 

It’s your turn to take action!

You’ll be challenged to bring your own talents and share them with an enthusiastic team of students, teachers and other people who are as technically involved as you are. There will be enough room for new paths and possibilities. You will be working in a multidisciplinary team with other talented students from different majors, who have the ambition to use their talents for creating new experiences. After completion of the minor EmbraceTEC you are able to:

What’s in it for you?

  • Exploit opportunities in the man-machine interface
  • Create a connection between technology and your major
  • Communicate with technically educated people
  • Tell from your own experience which prototype will contribute to a better world
  • Define where your next challenge will be
  • Contribute as a human being to a better world for everybody
  • Be a part of a student centered education
  • apply your talents in a sustainable way
  • have a positive influence on the learning proces of others

Growing astonishment

You will be surprised! And from that state of looking around in wonder, you’ll be asking questions that are useful for you. You’ll have the freedom to determine your own learning path and during this process you’ll be intensively coached. So the learning outcomes of this half year will be growth and growth only! Working on this challenge together with others will lead to new amazement.

Your impact on humanity

EmbraceTEC is a talent and competence development minor. We are going to coach you through an interesting process. This will be challenging. Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong: you’ll learn from the biggest mistakes. Teachers, but also practitioners and technical specialists will challenge you to search for technologies that will improve the world in which you live in; the global challenges. Big or small? What matters is the impact it will have on humanity.



  • The minor will start on Monday, the 6th of February 2017 until Friday, the 14th of July 2017.
  • Recognizing technologies (3 weeks) Technological journey. Makey, makey, programming, 3D printing, virtual reality. You’ll have the opportunity to learn the basics and meet some interesting and inspiring people.
  • Blue banana (1 week) A week filled with blue bananas! Your mind will be filled with disruptive thoughts. Do it yourself versus do it together.
  • Meaningful challenge (3 weeks) By using the steps of Design Thinking you’ll adopt and transform one of the global challenges into a community ready solution.
  • Offline week (1 week)
  • Future solution realisation (12 weeks) You are going to design for impact! Together with a fellow student you’ll will develop a product. After pitching your idea, you’ll receive valuable feedback from a jury of external experts. Your team creates their own deliverables: design strategy, what is a realistic end product, and is it ‘community ready’? Main goal is to come up with a blueprint, a prototype that will be a solution to a global challenge.

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