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Embrace TEC (Technology Entrepreneurship and Creativity)

Before you can embrace your true purpose and talents, you must first explore them. The minor program Embrace TEC helps students define their drive and talents, entrepreneurial behaviour, uniqueness and how to utilise these individual assets. Regardless of study program or interests. It all starts with detoxing from traditional education and using the creative tools and thoughts that help you become the self-directed professional you're meant to be.

The cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary minor is embedded in a power-packed program that combines thoughtful individual explorations with the collective ambition to uncover the possibilities of tomorrow today. In 20 weeks, you get real hands-on experience in solving impactful and meaningful societal questions. You'll engage in awesome, inspiring challenges with fellow students and industry experts. You'll learn a lot about technologies like programming, 3D printing, woodwork and laser cutting while reflecting on yourself, your path, and your role in our hectic society.


Wanted: Dreamers + Experimenters + Doers
Eligibility: 3rd /4th year tech and non-tech students.

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First 5 weeks of the minor Embrace TEC

You will detox! The idea is that you detox from the traditional way of learning and adjust to a Pulsed learning style which is challenge-based and student-centred. You get raw and dirty with emerging technologies and creative tools, work together and individually, and take the first steps to figure out what you want to get out of this minor and how we can uncover your true identity and personal purpose together.

The days of detoxing are Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday.

Next 15 weeks of Embrace Tec

With the whole minor group, you start working on group challenges that all last from one to 5 weeks. One of them is a meaningful Pulsed for Good [note: please link to …/pulsed-for-good] challenge that includes mini-challenges and active work around a cause or an initiative that has an impact on society.

During these weeks of challenge work, you have the freedom to decide what kind of role you want to take and what you would like to learn during the process. You also choose a unique track to further work on your personal purpose or develop your entrepreneurial skills or business.

Each week you have three working days in the Pulsed room, divided into challenge days (Wednesday, Thursday) and a track day (Tuesday).

One Minor, Two tracks

Choose from 2 unique tracks to launch your professional career. During the minor, you have dedicated track days; otherwise, you follow the challenge-based program with the rest of the minor group, where you can freely explore your skills and discover your true talent.

 Business & Entrepreneurship

Bring your own start-up idea to life or develop your existing business further.

Personal Purpose

Derived from your own personal desires and passions, you create an impactful solution for a real and specific target group.

Design-Based Challenges

Revolutionise your education with Pulsed's innovative approach: Design-Based Learning. This pioneering teaching method empowers you as the student, shifting away from traditional lectures and textbooks. Instead, it encourages active learning, collaboration, and critical thinking. Through hands-on projects and interdisciplinary teamwork, you'll tackle real-world challenges, developing practical skills and gaining deep insights.

Check out examples of our design-based challenges to get a feel of what you will be busy with during the minor program:

Shitty Robot – create a shitty robot to engage toddlers

Blue Banana – Translate your core values into your message to the world

Meaningful challenge – Use technology to improve the life of a user group

Future solution – Design an authentic solution to create a positive impact

Eager to explore your top talents and true purpose while solving questions impacting society? Embrace TEC helps you find you define the future. Apply now.



Je kunt hier de minorregeling downloaden. Het doel van de minorregeling is om je te informeren over wat je als student gaat leren in de minor, hoe de toetsing eruit ziet en wanneer je de minor hebt afgerond. Aan de minorregeling kunnen studenten rechten ontlenen.

Minor regulation

You can download the minor regulation minor regulation. The purpose of the minor regulations is to inform you about what you will learn as a student in the minor, what the assessment looks like and when you will have completed the minor. Students can derive rights from the minor regulations.

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About Pulsed

We are part of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, yet we play by our rules. In our inspiring, homely setting, we challenge talented, ambitious young individuals to unleash their uniqueness.

At Pulsed, genuine interest leads to professional growth beyond expectation. With student-centred educational approaches, Pulsed sparks meaningful action in a continuously changing world. To flourish in the contexts that fit each unique personality best and to become self-directed conscious professionals of the future.

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