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Transcultural Nursing

Transcultural Nursing / Care is an English-taught semester programme with a focus on the issue of how to deal with cultural differences, in order to create equality and equity in care.  You are trained to develop your Sociological Imagination through making assignments. You have to found stories that show the experiences and meanings of people. It is about becoming aware and recognizing connections between the lives of individuals and the (social) context. Being able to connect well with people's experiences and meanings requires exposure, being immersed in a certain situation. Being immersed, can cause discomfort and disruption. That can be difficult, but above all it gives you the possibility to learn something new!

In addition, research skills are a central theme throughout the minor. The research skills are modelled after Social Sciences. You will carry out different assignments, applying these research skills, and will include the assignments in your portfolio. The ultimate aim is you will write a case study. You will present your case study during a conference held at Viaa. The research skills addressed in the minor will help you design your case study.

The minor contains a practical component as well. For two days a week you will volunteer, for instance in a setting where you will meet people from a different cultural background than yours. It is important to experience yourself how to deal with different cultures. A great deal of the minor’s assignments may be carried out in this setting.

Going abroad is another possibility. The minor may be combined with a practical part inside or outside of Europe.

The following topics are discussed in the minor:

  • Racism and discrimination           
  • Cultural Anthropology                  
  • (Dutch) Culture and Religion,                                    
  • Cultural (counter) transference 
  • Birth and Death
  • Sex and Gender              
  • Migration and protective wrapping
  • Professional Leadership Development
  • Health Literacy
  • Elderly Care
  • Transcultural Psychiatry
  • Refugees                            
  • Human Trafficking
  • Female Genital Mutilation


  1. The student can recognize and combat racism and other forms of discrimination
  2. The student can explain the social construction of the different themes in this minor (see overview)
  3. The student can design a case study and make contact, being involved with her/his respondents
  4. The student can write an article about her/his case study
  5. The student can describe what intersectional thinking and a kaleidoscopic view imply and apply it to her own identity
  6. The student can describe the influence of prejudices and stereotyping on society. The student can describe the meaning of aversive racism and can apply this concept to his/her own life.
  7. The student relates Cultural Anthropology to Transcultural Nursing;
  8. The student can give an example of how cultural (counter) transference plays a role in communication.
  9. The student can explain the theory regarding birth and death, sex and gender, conceptualisation of Islam, migration, by making use of practice.
  10. The student can make a connection between sex/gender and Transcultural Nursing
  11. The student can explain the meaning of ‘Protective Wrapping’ and can apply this on her/ his own system.
  12. The student can explain which impact migration has within a ‘we system’.
  13. The student can describe different views on psychiatric diseases
  14. The student can explain what she can do in case of suspicion of human trafficking.
  15. The student can describe what FGM means, and describe the various forms and interventions concerning FGM.


Propedeuse HBO

Tijdens de minor moet de student een praktijkplek hebben waarbij zij/hij in contact komt met mensen met een andere culturele achtergrond.

Het is ook mogelijk om voor maximaal 10 weken naar het buitenland te gaan. De student moet van te voren wel aantonen dat de werkplek een goede verantwoorde plek is om de minor te volgen (bijv. niet in een weeshuis).


Article- The concluding examination concerns writing an article based on you case study.

Portfolio – You hand in a portfolio consisting of the different assignments and reflection reports.


Wordt t.z.t bekendgemaakt door de opleiding.

Er is in ieder geval 1 lesdag per week.

Voor de buitenlandvariant geldt dat een student maximaal 10 weken naar het buitenland gaat in deze periode.

In-school education takes place on Wednesday (2020-2021) in the building of Viaa University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle. The schedule will be announced in due time.

Part 1
Week 1 - Introduction
Week 2- Racism and discrimination
Week 3 - Cultural Anthropology
Week 4 – (Dutch) Culture and Religion,
Week 5 - Cultural (counter) transference 
Assignment 1 – Life story and reflection
Reflection report

Part 2 (possibility abroad)
Week 6 - Birth and Death
Week 7- Sex  and Gender
Week 8 - Social perception Islam
Week 9 - Migration and protective wrapping.
Assignment 2 – Making a documentary
Reflection report

Part 3 (possibility abroad) 
Week 10 - Professional Leadership Development
Week 11- Health Literacy
Week 12- Transcultural Psychiatry
Week 13- Elderly Care
3 – Project leadership development
Reflection report

Part 4 
Week 14- Refugees
Week 15 - Human Trafficking
Week 16 – Female Genital Mutilation
Week 17- Symposium
Week 18 - Examination Week
Assignment 4 – Design a social map infographic
Reflection report

Doing a case study and writing an article