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Creativity and Art at Work

Would you like to integrate the world of drama, music, visual arts, play and other passions in your professional domain? Move some barriers when it comes to guts, being yourself, less thinking and more doing?

The minor Creativity and Art at Work Is one of the leading programs in the Netherlands That can help you to become a “creative professional”. A professional with guts, persistence and vigour, using head, hart and hands. An explorer who knows ways to come to new, unexpected and original solutions, and finds the proper ways to bring them to life.

One of the most important motto’s of the minor is: do first, think next: experiment. Experimenting is one of the things you will do from the start of the minor, personally as well as professionally. Professionally the focus of the experiment will be on the use of artistic and playful media and creative techniques.

Some of the classes you will have are:

  • Drama
  • Visual arts
  • Music
  • Creative techiques and theory about creativity
  • Using the playful refuge as a methodic tool

These lessons, your fellow students and the teachers will be an important source of inspiration for the experiments. One of the core issues of the minor is creating a learning community where experiences can be shared and meaning can be created.

We consider it to be very important to have a constructive and creative learning environment, where individuals and teams flourish, have fun and find enjoyment, but also find moments of reflection, contemplation and depth.

We welcome you to our own refuge: the minor Creativity and Art at Work!


The learning outcomes listed below will help you decide whether this exchange course matches your personal goals.

Learning outcomes

  • You understand the role of creative processes in developing a new and valuable product
  • You can describe the contribution of Artistic and Playful Media in facilitating creative processes
  • You can describe your own creative strengths and weaknesses
  • You have improved your competencies related to the pedagogic use of Artistic and Playful Media.
  • You can describe how an organisation can be encouraged to become more creative and how to create synergies
  • You can describe your own contribution to the organisation
  • You are willing and able to experiment as an effective tool for innovation.


Competence 11

The use of creative interventions by means of artistic and sporting activities to contribute to the connection between, activation and development of individuals, groups and / or organizations

Aanvullende informatie

For more information: | T 31 (0)24 35 30 500 |opening hours 09.00 - 16.30 |

More information about the content:

E-mail: Creativiteitsontwikkeling

Tel: +31 6 23214121

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For popular minors a draw takes place 3 to 4 weeks after the opening, if there are at that time more subscribers than available places. For the minors with places still available applies until the closing of the subscription period: Once a minor is full, it is closed!

In addition, if the number of subscribers after three weeks is below the norm; this minor may possibly be withdrawn. So if you are interested, sign up immediately!


Subscribe in time!

Note: For HAN students it means that, in case of cancellation of the first choice AFTER the period of decision (this takes about three weeks) they may re-subscribe for the still available minors.

Even then: Once a minor is full, it is closed!


A good overview of the HAN minors can be found in the minors app! The app is accessible via:


An exchange course will be of most benefit to you if it complements your study and/or your professional profile, is at an appropriate level and does not overlap with your major.

For whom?
This minor is an Erasmus exchange course for students from partner universities and colleges within the Erasmus network.

For Dutch students, this exchange course is primarily intended as a specialisation minor for HAN Social Studies students, but we also welcome and encourage other students to take part.

Students enrolled in other HAN courses or from other institutions in the Netherlands and abroad are welcome to participate. The course has a growing number of students from outside the Social Studies domain.

Admission requirements

  • You can communicate effectively in written and spoken English (B1)
  • You can demonstrate an active affinity with Artistic and Playful Media (e.g. music, drama, the visual arts)
  • You have completed level 2 of your major for at least 45 EC, most Dutch students do this minor in the last year of their major


During this exchange course your performance will be assessed in the following ways:

  • Knowledge test
  • Basic test creativity development (in which you present yourself as a creative person)
  • Presentation of the Pilot you have created (together with other students)
  • Final test creativity development (in which you present yourself as a creative professional)


Sawyer, R. K. (2013). Zigzag: The Surprising Path to Constant Creativity (Zig Zag). Jossey Bass.

Further literature is provided via the online environment


This exchange course has the following schedule and working methods:

The schedule will be published before the start of the minor. Besides lectures and classes there will be excursions, extra activities and you will also do some work in a pratical placement.

Working methods

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops
  • Good practices
  • Presentations
  • Practical work

Type of exchange course

  • This is a differentiation exchange course. This means it enables you to develop your professional competences in a different/broader context.
  • This is a specialisation exchange course. This means it enables you to further deepen your skills and knowledge within your own profession (professional profile).


Block exchange course

The course is offered twice a year, during a semester.

Dutch, English and German (part-time) versions of this exchange course are available.