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Global Trade & Management

If you would like to work in an international business in the Agri-Food environment, our program enables you to understand the different business dynamics and your own personal needs to develop your knowledge and skills accordingly together with a divers blend of students.

About the programme

International Business in an Agri-Food environment for a potential commercial- or operational manager


The student is able to make a (strategic) advisory report regarding an introduction of a product or managing a foreign operation in an international agri-food environment based on gaining theoretical insights and in depth analyses, which is translated into a meaningful verbal advice to stakeholders. They can collaborate in intercultural or international teams The student reflects on the learning journey of the group during the business game in which the students shows insight in the entire scope of running an international business in an agri-food context

The student pro-actively manages own performance by understanding their personal skills, -interests and –ambitions for future career in agri-food. This leads to a personal development portfolio which is used to act and reflect on the personal learning journey in which the student shows insight in how to professionally behave in an intercultural or international multidisciplinary team. The student demonstrates the use of networks with stakeholders


HBO propedeuse and at least 40 credits of year 2. Preferably one intership completed. Basic knowledge of Business (e.g. Marketing, Logistics, Finance) is recommended


Jethu-Ramsoedh, R., Hendricks, M., (2015) International Business, Noordhoff Uitgevers, second edition (recommended) Business Game license web-based (mandatory)


The minor takes 20 weeks with a study load of 40 hours a week. You will be expected to attend 2 full days at school and 3 days to plan independently with your fellow students on a weekly base


The final grade will be determined during an Oral Assessment. The pass grade is 5.5. In addition, you are required to complete both the group assignment and Personal Plan with a report of sufficient quality to enter the Oral Assessment. A project supervisor will supervise you during the minor regarding group work and your personal development. In addition, peer review is used as a learning tool to improve your work and that of your peers.

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€250-€500 Int'Excursion