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Farming with Nature

Are you ready to tackle the growing challenge to bring farmers and the different regional parties together and shape a landscape where agriculture and nature are in balance? Then this 20-week minor 'Farming with Nature' is perfect for you.

Many actors who have a part in this increasingly urgent issue agree that we need to change how we deal with nature, our landscape and our resources. And it is becoming ever clearer that agriculture has an important part to play in this regard. In this minor, we present the various views and positions. We work with parties in the field to find sustainable solutions that combine nature conservation and protection with economically viable agriculture. The central challenge is bringing agricultural entrepreneurs and ‘the environment’ closer together. The puzzle is a challenging one: both sides have difficult goals to achieve. You will tackle practical issues hands-on in an interdisciplinary project team.




During this minor, you will mainly work on:

  • deepening your professional knowledge on this subject, to help you understand the relationship between agriculture and nature;
  • your ability to contribute this knowledge to complex practical issues in a region (in the Netherlands or Poland), in close cooperation with students from other study programmes and parties from the professional field;
  • shaping sustainable solutions to practical problems – both at the area level and at the entrepreneurial level – with a focus on nature, society and the economy;

In addition to working on a Dutch case in a mixed group setting, you will increase your professional knowledge in topics which are relevant to you. You may also go on an International Fieldtrip and gain international experience,  working on relevant FwN-issues in collaboration with a university and regional parties in Poland.

In order to create meaningful impact as an entrepreneur or consultant or in a government role, it is crucial that you develop your skills, are enterprising and show confidence and leadership. With this minor, you can continue your development in these areas as well.


Next to a HBO popedeuse and second year, we do expect you to:
1) be able to contribute relevant knowledge from your study program;
2) be eager to learn and keep an open mind to different perspectives; and
3) proactively contribute to collaboration with students, entrepreneurs and area partners from the professional field.


No literature is required. Depending on your expertise, specific literature will be recommended


The minor starts with a three-day introduction tour to get to know each other and to gain insights into developments on Farming with Nature. We will also take inspiration from the professional field. You will then start working in an interdisciplinary group project and receive weekly coaching. On average, you will spend around two or three days working physically at HAS and the other days at home or on site, working on the group project and on your personal development. There will also be online lessons, homework assignments and excursions. The International Field Trip (optional) is planned end of May.


During this minor, you will work on meaningful end products for your group project. You will contribute to theme and discussion meetings and in doing so develop a broader insight into the context of Farming with Nature. In addition, you will deepen your professional knowledge and take steps in your personal development. By collecting your results and findings for 20 weeks and reflecting on them, you will build up the burden of proof for your final portfolio. Based on your portfolio, you will substantiate your scores on the required competencies and you will be asked about these during an individual oral assessment.

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50-75 euro for excursion expenses in the Netherlands.
Costs voor International Field Trip (optional)