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Healthy Workplace

We are very proud to introduce our new minor Healthy Workplace. As of September 2019 you can participate in this international five-month program built around a challenging practice-based project.

Worldwide, organizations are starting to take the health and wellbeing of their knowledge workers seriously. This is increasingly important for optimizing productivity, sustaining employability, and attracting and retaining talent. With regard to physical activity, relaxation, nutrition and indoor climate, both problems and solutions can be found within the daily workplace. An innovative, interdisciplinary approach is needed to create the healthy workplace of the future.

Participate in a challenging practice-based project

The Minor Healthy Workplace brings students from different educational backgrounds and countries together. Real Estate Management, Human Resources Management, and Facilities Management are fundamental disciplines, but the minor is open for students following other relevant courses as well. The international five-month program is built around a challenging practice-based project. You will learn to prepare a solid business case for implementing health-promoting workplace interventions. This particular skill is very much wanted by employers hiring internal and external workplace consultants and managers.

Linked to Living Lab Healthy Workplace

The program is closely linked to the Living Lab Healthy Workplace. In this innovation project, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, together with industry partners, develops new knowledge and tools for promoting healthy behaviours in the workplace. The Living Lab is a work environment in which data are collected with sensors, wearables and a mobile app toprovide workers with feedback and to measure the effects of interventions. Participating researchers and practitioners in the fields of built environment, psychology, health andtechnology are involved in the Minor Healthy Workplace.

Specifications Purpose

The purpose of the minor is to create business cases for workplace interventions.

European Credits

You can earn 30 credits.


Project: business case for workplace interventions (10 ECTS credits)

  • meetings with internal and external coach
  • meetings with subject matter experts
  • workshops business case development

Healthy workers & organisations (5 ECTS credits)

  • workplace as a tool for HRM
  • vitality, emplyability and performance
  • behavioural change and change management

Healthy environments & behaviours (5 ECTS credits)

  • workplace as a tool for FM/CREM
  • healthy buildings and work environments
  • workplace nudging

Personal portfolio (5 ECTS credits)

  • start assessment: who am I, what will I take and bring to the programme
  • building portfolio bases on desk research and project
  • final assessment: what did I learn, how will I use this

Knowledge transfer symposium (5 ECTS credits)

  • reflect on project experience
  • link to trends in profesisional practice
  • transfer to HWP network and successors

An introduction module and an excursion are also included in the programme.


The minor Healthy Workplace takes place in semester 1.




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De minor vindt alleen doorgang bij voldoende aanmeldingen.





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