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English History, Language and Culture

By doing this Minor you will become an expert in the histories and cultures of Britain, the USA and the most important countries within the Commonwealth. You will also learn a great deal about their geographies and improve your English across the board.

The first part of the Minor is focused on the histories of the various parts of the English-speaking world (UK, USA and Canada, India and the Far East, Sub-Sahara Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong and the Middle East) as well as their cultures and basic geographies. The student learns to investigate and research historical topics and how to give effective and interesting presentations. Using this knowledge and these skills the student can research background information with current publications from quality English publications and present these at a professional level.

During the second part of the Minor the focus is on written English and Cross Cultural Management: the student can identify the cultural similarities and differences between the various areas. The student can conduct a meaningful and grammatically correct correspondence in correct English. The student can write a report in grammatically correct English at pre-academic level about an issue that is relevant to his/her field of study, using various English sources. The student can give a presentation of the management summary of this report.

Parts EC's History of the English-speaking world 6 Geography and culture of the English-speaking world 5 The News as was and is 4 Cross Cultural Management 3 Correspondance 5 Individual project 7


This minor will bring your language skills to level B2 (European Framework of Reference for Languages).


Level B1 according to the Common European Framework. There will be an assessment establishing the level and motivation of the student, if deemed necessary by the co-ordinator.


Written and oral exams


  • Syllabus History of the English-speaking world, nr 343 in the Zernikeshop, Tineke Warmelink-Westerman, Hanze
  • Empire, How Britain made the modern world (recommended reading), ISBN 978-0141007540, Niall Ferguson, Penguin Books LTD
  • Syllabus Culture and Geography of the English-speaking world, nr 342 in the Zernikeshop,
  • Empire, How Briatin made the modern world (recommended reading), ISBN 141007540, Niall Ferguson, Penguin Books LTD
  • Syllabus The News, nr 343 in the Zernikeshop, Tineke Warmelink-Westerman, Hanze
  • Cultures and Organisations, Software for the Mind, ISBN 9780071664189, Geert Hofstede and Gert Jan Hofstede, Mc.Graw Hill, 3e druk
  • Correspondence (serie Archipelago), ISBN 9789001706432, Tobi Ringeling, Noordhoff Uitgevers, 2e druk
  • Business Grammar Builder (Book), ISBN 9781405070485, Paul Emmerson, Mc.Millan
  • Syllabus Grammar Upper-Intermediate level, nr 357 in the Zernikeshop, Tineke Warmelink-Westerman, Hanze

LET OP: deze literatuurlijst is onder voorbehoud.


Full-time education during one semester.