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Lengua y Cultura Española

About this minor

​This minor is offered by the Hanze Language & Culture Centre. Language skills (Lengua práctica, 25 credits; reading - listening - writing - speaking) are the main items of the course, circa 80% of the study load. The aim is quickly attaining a high level, from zero level, via a highly intensive language course (level A1/ A2 after period 1, and level A2/B1 after period 2). There are several classes a week, which involve practical/skill training.

The part of Culture (Cultura Hispana, 5 credits) aims to get a good picture of Spanish and Latin-American cultures and especially of the variety of cultures that can be found in Spanish-speaking areas. Moreover, this programme aims to get an overview of the main events in the history of Spain and several Latin-American countries.

There are weekly lectures (at least 12), which involve talking about and discussing texts. Another part of this programme involves individual contribution and projects.


A2/B1-level of the Common European Framework of Reference


Only 0-level in Spanish will be admitted. A flair for languages is required. The level is high! You must be prepared and participate actively in 80% of the classes. If you have not participated actively in 80% of the classes and (any of) your assignments/tests has not been approved, you will be excluded from the first opportunity to take the oral or written exam.


Lengua práctica: Aula Internacional part 1, 2, 3
Cultura Hispana: there will be a reader available


Full-time education during one semester


Written and oral exams

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Language: English / Spanish