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Lengua y Cultura Española

In this minor, the student specializes in the Spanish language and various cultures of Spanish-speaking areas (Latin-America and Spain). The minor consists of the parts of Language skills, Culture and History and Cross Cultural Management. Language skills (Lengua práctica; reading - listening - writing - speaking) are the main items of the course, circa 80% of the study load.

The aim is quickly attaining a high level, from zero level, via a highly intensive language course (level A1/A2 after period 1, and level A2/B1 after period 2). There are several classes a week, which involve practical/skill training.

The part of Culture and History (Cultura e Historia) aims to get a good picture of Spanish and Latin-American cultures and especially of the variety of cultures that can be found in Spanish-speaking areas. Moreover, this programme part aims to get an overview of the main events in the history of Spain and several Latin-American countries.

As far as Cross Cultural Management concerns: the student can identify the cultural similarities and differences between the various areas (within and between Spain and Latin-American countries).

There are weekly lectures (at least 12), which involve talking about and discussing texts. Another part of this programme part involves individual contribution and projects.

Main subjects and courses

Lengua Práctica 1 - 8

24 EC

Cultura y Historia

3 EC

Cross Cultural Management

3 EC


A2/B1-level of the Common European Framework of Reference

Aanvullende informatie

Language: English / Spanish


Only 0-level in Spanish will be admitted. A flair for languages is required. The level is high! You must be prepared and participate actively in 80% of the classes. If you have not participated actively in 80% of the classes and (any of) your assignments/tests has not been approved, you will be excluded from the first opportunity to take the oral or written exam.


Written and oral exams


Lengua práctica (Courses 1 up to and including 8): Aula Internacional part 1, 2, 3
Cultura e Historia: there will be a reader available


Full-time education during one semester