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Industrial Automation

Are you interested in the process of automation and optimizing of both industrial environments as well as customized products? The minor Industrial Automation will show you the necessary steps involved in this process. This includes analyzing the process, selecting the sensors to collect the essential data, modifying and transferring this data and selection and interaction with the applied actuators. To keep the topics actual, there will be a lot of interaction and collaboration with the industry within this minor.  


The scope of this minor is on analyzing and optimizing production facilities and processes and customized autonomous solutions. The topics covered in this minor will include:

  • Industrial robots and automation.
  • Actuator systems and sensor techniques.
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing.
  • Power Electronics.
  • Applied Mechanics.
  • Operation Management.

Aanvullende informatie

Lectures and workshop are given at the UAS in Assen. Excursions will be part of the programme and are at different locations in the neighbourhood. Depending on the project, you probably have to visit your client at regular times as well.


This minor is accessible for students Mechatronics, Electronics and Sensor Technology. Propeduetic degree (of the bachelor) in Mechatronics/Electronics + 48EC from the 2nd year (excluding any internships).


written exams, projects, interactive learning


fulltime daytime education in semester 2