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International Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Have you ever wondered how to be successful in Business in the global Economy?
In this minor we’ll give you the opportunity to work in/on a project to make a sustainable business plan. To accelerate learning in an international context we offer co-operation with students of our partners for this minor: Universities of Aruba, Russia and Uganda.  Besides making a business plan for a start-up, you will do research for companies that have outgrown the startup phase on topics related to innovation, sustainability and/or finance in an international environment.

Workshops, masterclasses and coaching will be offered by lecturers in Groningen and by  our international partners, furthermore there will be interaction with innovative, sustainable companies especially small and medium enterprises in participating countries. Blended learning is no longer the future, it is here to stay! We learn together by practicing and overcoming cultural and time differences. And furthermore there will be an opportunity to visit our partner universities.


Business issues regarding financial sustainability in a global economy are increasingly gaining media attention. The question arises how individuals or organizations can fruitfully pursue the opportunities for developing and implementing sustainable value creation and business networking in an international setting? For innovative and social entrepreneurs this trending topic offers ample opportunities to seek new ways to alter the existing business models and focus on market opportunities, including benefits for people, for society and environment.

In this minor students will act like real entrepreneurs and innovative controllers who will learn to develop business models, apply (commercial) strategies to promote development and improvements in human and environmental well-being. The minor makes students aware of the relevant knowledge, skills and attitude of the different types of digital entrepreneurship in an international setting.

An important topic is sustainable financial management. This refers to management- and external accounting, and stresses the presentation and analysis of reliable financial information. Certainly, this will have an impact on how controllers should use sustainability in defining their control instruments. Ethical thinking will be demonstrated in the usage of sustainable business models and a corresponding planning and control cycle of the business.

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Language: English

Contact and information: Richard Benes or Janetta Kuperus through the Front Office of FEM : (050) 595 55 15 or by email: or


You have to be interested in combining  insights on entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and finance. You must have completed your first year in the domain of Business Economics at any University (of Applied Sciences). You have to work in an international community on a project and research assignment.


Written tests and practical (team) assignments.


Participants will be informed about the literature list at a later moment.


Will be published in due time.