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Business in Asia

The minor consists of four submodules:

Asia: Political-Economy of Growth
(PEG, 3 credits, weeks 1-6)
is aimed at placing the current reality of Asian economic dynamism in a broader perspective of history, government policy, international relations and current and future economic, geopolitical and environmental challenges, enabling the student to recognize the relevance of these factors for the development of an internationalization strategy.

Asia: Socio-Cultural Environment
(SCE, 3 credits, weeks 7-12)
is aimed at providing deeper insight in the major economies of the region such China, Japan, South Korea, India and Vietnam, with a look at these countries’ history, economy , (business) culture and business opportunities.

Asia: Business, Communication and Management
(BCM, 6 credits, weeks 1-12)
focuses on the practicalities of doing business in Asian emerging markets. Through the use of articles and analysis of real life business cases we will look at challenges and opportunities for exporting, investing, and doing business in the region from perspectives of marketing, strategic management, branding, market entry, knowledge and innovation, supply chain management, intellectual property protection and corporate social responsibility.

Essay (CBP, 3 credits, weeks 7-12) will ask the students to independently study, analyse and present paper, business case or business plan, taking into account all practice and theory of the other submodules


Knowledge of Asian culture, economy and markets is essential in today's business world. This minor introduces the major economies in Asia (East-Asia, South-East Asia and the Indian subcontinent) with a look at history, economic and political developments and future outlook of the region and in addition delves deeper into the various practical aspects of doing business in the emerging Asian markets through analysis and discussion of business cases and theory.

Aanvullende informatie

  • All communication in IBMS is in English (IELTS level  or equivalent; grade 6,0 or higher is recommendable).

  • Note that IBMS might have a slightly different academic calendar (see "Rooster")
  • All IBMS minors are lint minors (registration must always be in block 1 only!)


Classes are taught in English, so fluency in English (B1 level or IELTS 6.0 or equivalent) is mandatory.


Asia: Political Economy & Growth (PEG, 3 credits):
- Written exam 60 %
- Book Review 40 %

Asia: Socio-Cultural Environment (SCE, 3 credits):
- Written exam 60 %
- Book Review 40 %

Asia: Business, Communication and Management (BCM, 6 credits):
- Written exam 60 %
- Group Portfolio 30 %
- Group Presentation 10 %

Essay  ( 3 credits):
- Individual Assignment 100%

All assessments need a minimum grade of 5.5 to pass the minor.
Resit Opportunity for Group Portfolio will be a new assignment of an equal workload.
Resit Opportuity for Essay will be a new Essay on a new topic.


Book(s), Reader (collection of selected articles, documentaries, business case studies) and Guest Lectures as/when announced during the sessions/ semester.


Minimum of 6 class hours per week.

6-8 hours per week for the full semester.
(12 lecture weeks + exam weeks).

Duration: the module takes place over 12 lecture weeks of classes between August & December. IBMS has a slightly different calendar compared to HHS, following the semester system.
Usually it starts the last week of August and continues until December.

Exams take place the week before Fall Break (mid-term) and the last 2 weeks before the Christmas Holiday.