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Introduction to Blockchain

FinTech innovations create a paradigm shift and blockchain technology currently forms the basis of this shift. We offer you the opportunity to become part of this and ready you for a digital future.

Do you want to learn everything about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology? Then the Minors ‘Introduction to Blockchain (15 ECT)’ and 'Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Business, Law & IT (30 ECT)' at the The Hague University are something for you!

These Minors, with an average student rating of 9.9, are designed together with experts from the field and various companies. You can therefore immediately put your new knowledge into practice by solving a specific blockchain related issue of an organization. The theory lessons are provided by experts from the professional field and researchers from The Hague University.

The Minor also offers you the opportunity to expand your network through various events with (inter)national guest speakers (inhouse & outhouse events!). Moreover, the previous excelling students quickly found graduation assignments or part time jobs within the world of Blockchain.

Of course you are not alone in this expedition. The Blockchain Education Centre, situated in The Hague, and an active online community of crypto enthusiasts are ready to help you in our Discord channel with more than 150 Blockchain fanatics.

The following topics are covered during the Minor 'Introduction to Blockchain':

  • fundamentals of Blockchain: cryptography, consensus, governance and game theory;
  • smart contracting;
  • token economics and assessment criteria;
  • social and economical impact;
  • "third generation Blockchains";
  • value proposition in practice and business assignments with active coaching.


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Learning outcome 1: the student explains the blockchain technology and its technical, economic and social characteristics.

Learning outcomes 2: the student (e) applies the technical basic principles of blockchain technology in various practical skills and in business processes.

Learning outcome 3: the student considers the socio-economic impact of blockchain technology and its ecosystem + Learning outcome 4: the student assesses the current blockchain projects that try to solve global problems.

Learning outcome 5: the student applies the characteristics of blockchain technology to the different types of (global) business strategies, models and processes and evaluates possible opportunities and / or threats for an organization.

Learning outcomes 6: The student constructs in a group an advice plan for an organization with a blockchain related issue.


This Minor is open to all students with an interest in new technology and innovation and that need to follow a 15 ECT Minor.


1. Small theory tests during class (10%)
2. Students provide a portfolio in which both theoretical assignments and practical skills are tested (50%)
3. Students deliver, in teams of four, an advice to a company that has a blockchain-related problem (40%)

All parts must be finished with > 5.4 to pass this Minor.


Required Reading:

  • Mastering Bitcoin – A. Antonopoulos (will be provided)
  • Mastering Ethereum – A. Antonopoulos (will be provided)
  • The Bitcoin Standard – S. Ammous (will be provided)
  • THUAS Blockchain Reader (will be provided)


Recommended Literature

  • Literature and many other sources. Literature list:


Lessons will be mostly held during Thursdays and Fridays