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Media Psychology

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Are you a Creative Business or Sustainability student? And are you interested in how media affects our daily lives in increasing and varying ways? Then our challenging Media Psychology minor could be for you! This programme requires you to have a high motivation and near-native English skills (C2).

This all-encompassing and rigorous programme provides you with a solid foundation in media psychology, giving you an excellent preparation for future (social) media and/or creative business internships or jobs.


In our Media Psychology programme, you learn how the media and our ever-increasing use of technology affects how we perceive, interpret, respond and interact with the world around us. There is solid theoretical basis, but you will also work on practical assignments with your fellow students.

During this intensive programme you encounter topics such as mass media and mass persuasion, cognitive psychology and psychological effects of media, and of course social media and the Internet.

You may swap one or more of the courses within the programme for other courses in the Creative Business or Sustainability curriculum. Please contact our programme coordinator Dragana Licina for more information.


The programme consists of the following six courses, three per period:

Mass Media and Mass Persuasion: 5EC Cognitive Psychology of the Media: 5EC Psychological Effects of Media: 5EC Cyber Psychology: 5EC Psychology of News Framing: 5EC Psychology of Social Media: 5EC


​During this minor programme, you (learn to):

1. Understand the cognitive processes involved in processing information with the focus on the media
2. Explore and understand the psychological effects of the media in areas such as violence, music, pornography and stereotypes.
3. Gain an insight into persuasion in the context of consumer behaviour and advertising.
4. Analyse the framing of events and issues by the media and the impact thereof on societies globally.
5. Explore the reach and impact of social media on societal level.
6. Gain an understanding of the field of cyberpsychology.

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Period AB

Learning agreements received by us before July 6th 2019 will be taken into consideration.

Learning agreements are handled in order of entry. 

Period CD

Learning agreements received by us before December 7th 2019 will be taken into consideration.

Learning agreements are handled in order of entry. 


This is an intensive programme with a high academic level. Apart from a strong motivation, you are expected to have attained English CEFR level C2.


​For four of the 6 courses there is an exam and a final assignment. For the other two courses there is only a final assignment. This is specified in the course manuals.


The minor will be taught using the following literature. Before the start of the course you will receive/be issued the final reading list.

  • Harris, R., J & Sanborn, F.W (2014). Sixth Edition. A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication. Routledge: London.
  • Janssen-Boyd, C.V. 2010. Consumer Psychology. Open Press University.
  • Perloff, R.M. 2013. 5th Edition. The Dynamics of Persuasion. Communication and Attitudes in the 21st Century (ebook). Routledge: London.


There are contact moments on 3 days a week, in addition you’ll work on assignments, individually or in groups.