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International Business Skills

Deze minor zal helaas niet worden aangeboden in semester 2.

For whom

This programme is designed for students with a strong international orientation. We typically welcome HU students from the following bachelor programmes: FEM (IBMS/IBL/CE/MER/BM); SBRM; FCJ (Communication); FNT (Technical-Commercial).

Since this minor attracts a lot of exchange students, it gives you the opportunity to work in a truly international environment. An inspiring programme for ambitious, commercially minded students.



Our minor programme International Business Skills offers training in international commercial skills. You’ll develop your knowledge and skills in the fields of International Branding, Human Resource Management, Social Business Skills and International Marketing Communication.
In addition, you will be offered theory about doing business in an international context, with a particular emphasis on the impediments occurring during the development and implementation of the communication mix (Advertising, PR, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling).

You will be working on improving your personal qualities, and thus on strengthening the profile of your company. In international trade, trust is built particularly by your capability of adjusting yourself to the local culture. That is why this minor is not limited to classroom activities and project work, but also extends to the golf course and (wine) table.

For an impression of the minor programme, you can watch the video below.



The programme trains you to operate confidently in an international B2B context. It takes place during one semester and contains the following courses:

International Branding in a B2B Environment: 5EC International Sales: 5EC Human Resource Management: 5EC World of Diversity: 5EC Social Business Skills (Golf, Wine Etiquette & Networking): 5EC International Marketing Communication & Sales Plan 1 (Casework): 5EC

Please note that the programme reflects a (logical) bundle of courses/subjects and should normally be followed as such. It is not possible to combine (two or more) programmes in one single period.


This minor addresses a large variety of learning objectives, mainly at level 2 and 3:

  • International business awareness (level 3)
  • Intercultural competency (level 3)
  • Business processes & change management (level 3)
  • International human resource management (level 3)
  • Leadership (level 3)
  • Co-operation (level 3)
  • Business communication (level 3)
  • Planning and organising (level 3)
  • Understanding of the ethical, normative and social issues related to the professional practice and accepting the responsibility for his actions (level 1)

Aanvullende informatie

Learning agreements received by us before July 6th 2019 will be taken into consideration.

Learning agreements are handled in order of entry. 


To enter this programme, you need a foundation of introductory course(s) in Marketing Management.
Further, you need to have attained English language skills at CEFR level B2. In the first week, you will take a compulsory English proficiency test.


Assessments vary from business proposals to marketing tools, written exams, consultancy reports and organisation of workshops by participants.


You will receive a reading list before the start of the minor.


This course takes place in period A/B; it starts in September. The timetable and the teaching days are not yet known.