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Sport and Entertainment Marketing

For whom

If you are a resourceful, creative, ambitious, determined and internationally minded individual with a passion for marketing – and sports marketing in particular – our minor programme Sport & Entertainment Marketing is for you! You will work with and learn from top (inter)national professionals from the industry, as well as your fellow students.


Sport & Entertainment Marketing (SEM) is a subdivision of marketing which focuses both on the promotion of sports, events, games, music and films and the promotion of other products and services through sport and entertainment. You will be actively working on real cases provided by the industry. In these projects, you can apply your theoretical knowledge, provided by our lecturers and guest lecturers, all with a background in the sports and entertainment industry.

This year, for example, our students are actively involved in the organisation of the KLM Curaçao Marathon for their International Exchange Project (termA/B). As a part of the project, most of them will travel to Curaçao to actively participate in the organisation of this event.


The programme takes place during one semester and contains the following courses:

Event Management - 5EC

Entertainment Marketing - 5EC

Sports Marketing - 5EC

SEM in International Perspective (international exchange trip) - 5EC

Project - 10EC

Please note that the programme reflects a (logical) bundle of courses/subjects and should normally be followed as such. It is not possible to combine (two or more) programmes in one single period.

Project SEM
An important part of the Minor is Project SEM. This project is comprehensive and complementary to the other courses offered in the Minor. During Project SEM you are expected to implement the acquired theoretical knowledge to the professional practice.


  • The student will learn to work in different project groups.
  • The student masters basic and in-depth knowledge of entertainment, sports marketing, communication, media and marketing tools.
  • The student can apply their knowledge about sports marketing in the professional practice.
  • The student can present their findings, e.g. (customer) analysis and the resulting conclusions, in a professional manner.
  • The student can create and present an operational (sport) marketing (communication) plan.
  • The student can describe their knowledge, findings and experiences in a report, whereby all requirements regarding proper reporting are met.

Aanvullende informatie

Signed learning agreements for minors in the AB period can be sent to us until 25 June 2020. Learning agreements that are received after 25 June will not be processed. 

Signed learning agreements for minors in the CD period can be sent to us until 19 November 2020. Learning agreements that are received after 19 November will not be processed. 

Learning agreements are handled in order of entry. After HU has also signed the learning agreement, you are entitled to a place on the minor.


There are no formal entry requirements, but you are expected to have attained English CEFR level B2 and a foundation of introductory course(s) in Marketing Management. We expect a background or strong interest in Sport and/or Entertainment Business.


Event Management

  • Report: 80%
  • Presentation: 20%

Entertainment Marketing

  • Report: 80%
  • Presentation: 20%

Sports Marketing

  • Individual reflection report: 50%
  • Group assignment - report & pitch: 50%

SEM in International Perspective

Reflection Report or Alternative Assignment: 100%


Individual Portfolio: 100%


  1. Events Management. G. Bowding, J. Allen, W. O’Toole, R. Harris, I. McDonnell
  2. Up-to-date (research) papers from WARC (HU Library), video materials, guest lectures handouts, up-to-date articles and online links
  3. How to Start a Start-up Video Course, Stanford:
  4. Start Up Podcast, Gimlet, Brooklyn, United States:


This minor programme takes place in both autumn and spring. The timetable and the teaching days are not yet known. Expect contact moments on 3 days a week, in addition you’ll work on assignments individually or in groups.