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International Pharmaceutical Studies

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Are you a Pharmacy, Health Care or Life Sciences student? And are you keen on a future in the pharmaceutical industry? Our Minor International Pharmaceutical Studies (IPS) enhances your knowledge by focusing on both the business and drug development side. You will work alone and in small groups, allowing for an intensive, international learning environment. Excursions are part of the programme.


The International Pharmaceutical Studies (IPS) minor programme is aimed at understanding business aspects as well as drug development processes within the pharmaceutical industry. It covers all phases and aspects of the drug development process, both pre-clinical and clinical.

You will work in project teams to discover, develop and bring to the market a (virtual) new medicine. There will be English classes to improve your use of professional English. You will also attend guest lectures from experts from the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, there are several excursions, including a 3-day international excursion.


The programme consists of the following courses:

Block A Pharmaceutical Industry & Pre-clinical Drug Development: 15EC

Block B Clinical Drug Development, Registration & Marketing: 15EC

Block A gives you an overview of pharmaceutical businesses across the world, defining recent movements and trends. You will also study the pre-clinical drug development process.

Block B covers clinical drug development, international clinical studies and trial management. You will also learn about registering and marketing pharmaceutics.


After completing this minor, you are able to describe all aspects of drug development:

  • Pre-clinical: target identification, compound screening, pharmacological and toxicological testing.
  • Clinical: phase 1, 2, 3 registration and (post) marketing.

Aanvullende informatie

Signed learning agreements can be sent to us until 25 June 2020. Learning agreements that are received after 25 June will not be processed.

Learning agreements are handled in order of entry. After HU has also signed the learning agreement, you are entitled to a place on the minor.


To enter the IPS minor programme, you must have the propaedeutic diploma.


Your grades will be based on individual assignments and project group (n=4) assignments. It consists both of grades for presentations as well as grades for part of a written portfolio.


The following literature will be discussed during the minor. You will receive a definite reading list before the start of the minor.

  • Hill RG and Rang HP (2013), Drug Discovery and Development, 2nd ed. Elsevier
  • Woodwin KE and Schneider JC (2008) The CRA’s Guide to Monitoring Clinical Research, 3rd ed. Center Watch Boston


This is a full-time programme taking place in Block A and B (starting in September). Contact hours at HU are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On other days, project teams will work on weekly assignments. Excursions may be on other weekdays.