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Co-Design Studio

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If you have a vast interest in creativity and innovation, you want to be better at understanding the world you are designing for, and you are willing to work hard for this, you are very welcome to our next edition of the Co-Design Studio. We’d love to work with you!

Product Design and Communication Design students are typical students for our programme, however, we are honoured to work with architecture, engineering, communication, business, or health-care students as well. Feel free to contact us for any information regarding the programme or whether you’d fit in.


We work as a dynamic design agency with you on design (research) projects for our corporate clients, focusing on mobility, sustainability, social innovation and healthcare. You’ll work in teams most of the time, however, these teams change a lot, so you actually get to work with many different students from the programme. Besides project work, there are (guest) lectures and workshops.

Our international programme is aimed at inspiring you and supporting you in becoming an expert in understanding the user and their context – and thus creating better products or services from their perspective. It will increase your chances for successful innovation for sure!

This programme is tough. It takes 40+ hours a week. We believe that only with a lot of effort and attention from both you and us, we can do great things this semester. Our team of experienced professionals, known for their skills in (product) design, user-centered design, user research, experience design, rapid/early prototyping, entrepreneurship, and organisational development, is very approachable throughout the programme.


The programme takes place during one semester and contains the following courses:

Co-Design Exploration: Create and explore your creative potential. Discover your identity in Co-design processes and expose yourself in artefacts: 5EC Co-Design Tools: Get acquainted and gain experience with several design tools. Context Visualising, Probing, Prototyping: 5EC Co-Design Project One: Learn the co-design process and develop specific qualities. A 4-week project including intense lectures on Researching, Sketching and Writing: 5EC Co-Design Project Two: Learn how to be owner of the co-design process and show your added value. A 3-week project including a personal assignment on design process: 5EC Co-Design Signature Project: Show understanding of the co-design process, execute it yourself. A 6-week signature project: 10EC

Please note that the programme reflects a (logical) bundle of courses/subjects and should normally be followed as such. It is not possible to combine (two or more) programmes in one single period.


After completing this minor programme, you are able to:

  • Apply several Co-Design Tools in the Design Process.
  • Share the relevance of the Co-Design Tools to the design process.
  • Reflect on why the experience is relevant for your personal and professional development.

Aanvullende informatie

This minor will be taught in English.

Learning agreements received by us before July 6th 2019 will be taken into consideration.

Learning agreements are handled in order of entry


If you care about creativity and innovation, and you’re ambitious, you’re the one we are looking for! You need to have at least a propaedeutic diploma (issued after the first year of university studies).

You are expected to have attained English language skills at CEFR level B2.


Co-Design Tools: Individual presentation at expo

Co-Design Exploration: Individual presentation at expo

Co-Design Project One: Presentation (60%), Report (40%)

Co-Design Project Two: Presentation (40%), Report (60%)

Co-Design Signature Project: Presentation (50%), Report (30%), Portfolio (20%)


The following literature will be discussed during the minor. You will receive a definite reading list before the start of the minor.

Convivial toolbox. P.J. Stappers, Elizabeth B.N. Sanders & Pieter Jan Stappers (2012). - Toolkit Medialab Amsterdam


Co-Design Studio is a (more than) full-time programme consisting mainly of interactive projects. Lectures, workshops, master classes, guest lectures and coaching are scheduled throughout the week.