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Social Robotics

Are you interested in how social robots can be implemented in daily life, for example in education, in healthcare and in hospitality? Do you want to come up with innovative solutions for longtime societal problems? And do you think robots can be part of these solutions? Then this minor is designed for you! During this minor, you will work in a multidisciplinary research team. You and your teammates come from various fields such as: psychology, social work, education, healthcare, engineering, media, IT, communication and business. All of you will bring the specific knowledge from your field and together you will find creative ways to utilize these skills. Combining your strengths will give you the opportunity to come up and design new solutions in the field of social robots.


The Social Robotics minor focusses on the interaction between robots and humans in education, healthcare and hospitality. You will learn how people interact with robots, how to design social robots, how to do good research. Later you will use this knowledge in a large research project. Presented below are example projects of recent years:

Examples of projects:


The programme takes place during one semester and contains the following:

Title: Poject Social Robots (in the domain of hospitality, education and healthcare : 30 ECTS.

The Project Social Robotics focusses on building and applying a social robot in a certain context, researching its effectiveness, and analyzing the interaction. You will therefore learn the basic principles of Human-Robot Interaction, learn how to design a social robot, set up an experiment and evaluate this in one of the three domains (hospitality, education and healthcare).


The student will be able to design, build, use, evaluate and contribute to society with a social robot. 


Students do not need programming knowledge to participate in this minor. However, if you have basic programming knowledge, you will be able to utilize these skills. 

You don’t need an internship or workplace to take the minor. 


The literature used during the minor will consist of cutting-edge research papers. You will receive definite information at the start of the minor. 


The timetable and the course days are not yet known, but the minor is full time (5 days attendance) and it is not possible to make special arrangements. There is no attendance requirement, but you are expected to go to the classes. 

With the exception of the first teaching period of the academic year (starting September), the lesson and test schedules are always posted on Mijn Rooster four weeks before the start of each teaching period. The schedule for the first teaching period of the academic year can be found on the site three weeks before the start. The most up-to-date schedule is always visible on Mijn Rooster. 

At HU, full-time education may be scheduled between 08:30 and 19:00.


This minor will be evaluated based on multiple assessments. Students’ knowledge will be assessed by a written exam and a presentation, and students’ skills by a poster and research paper.

Aanvullende informatie

Signed learning agreements for minors in period AB or Lint period can be uploaded up to and including 28 June 2024 in Osiris Application, see the instructions on the learning agreement. Learning agreements that are received after 28 June will not be processed.  

Signed learning agreements for minors in the CD period can be uploaded up to and including 6 December 2024 in Osiris Application, see the instructions on the learning agreement.  
Learning agreements that are received after 6 December will not be processed.  

Please note: Learning Agreements will be considered in order of entry in Osiris Application (first come, first serve). A submitted learning agreement will not entitle you to a spot within a minor unless the following is the case: 

* The minor is not yet full: each minor has a maximum number of places per period 

* The student has submitted the learning agreement in full (including his/her own details and signature and the stamp of the examination board). 

* HU has signed and stamped the learning agreement