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In the 1st and 2nd semester of 2022-2023 HZ University of Applied Sciences offers the minor Innovative Entrepreneurship. This is an English-language minor accessible to national and international (exchange) students. HZ has a long history in offering courses in Entrepreneurship. This minor will focus on stimulating innovative entrepreneurship. The objective is to encourage new entrepreneurs to develop breakthrough-innovations, not only from a technological viewpoint but also from an economical viewpoint. HZ University is one of the universities that has signed the Memorandum of Understanding of Startup Delta[1]. (Vereniging Hogescholen)


Startup and run your own company (project) through:

• Making your business plan (project plan)
• Implement and adapt your business plan (project plan).
• Execute a business plan (project plan) successfully.


Requirements for participation:

Well-motivated students with an entrepreneurial attitude, who have obtained their Propedeuse exam (Foundation Year) + 45 ECTS. The max. number of participants is 25. An intake interview is part of the enrollment procedure.


Recommended literature:

Ries, E., & Eric, R. (2017). The Lean Startup (1ste editie). Penguin Random House.

Fitzpatrick, R. (2013). The Mom Test. Van Haren Publishing.

Osterwalder, A., Pigneur, Y., Bernarda, G., Smith, A., & Papadakos, T. (2015). Value Proposition Design. Wiley.

Osterwalder, A., & Pigneur, Y. (2018). Business model generation. Spring 2015.


Programme sessions: 2 blocks of 10 weeks (Skills Programme + Kickstart or Intrapreneurship programme) 3 full days every week


1-day plenary programme

1-day feedback and coach session

1-day work out assignment


1. businessplan

Business analysis + business idea, SWOT, branch and market analysis, Macro + Meso analysis, sales & marketing, judicial framework, financial framework

weighing factor:  60%

Min. pass grade: 5,5


2. Pitch

Weighting factor: 40%

Min. pass grade: 5,5

3. Personal progress portfolio

Weighing factor: 100%

Min. pass grade 5,5