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Applied Data Science

In this minor, you are going to learn about advanced machine learning and deep learning. It is an applied minor, so you will apply your new knowledge and develop the skills to make it work in practice.

The deep learning practice consists of participating in two competitions on the Kaggle platform, You start with recognition of hand written digits, and then progress to image classification.

For advanced machine learning, you will contribute to a real project. The HZ Univeristy of Applied Sciences participates in a large initiative to enhance autonomous transport. During this minor, you will explore and analyze several datasets around autonomous sailing. In cooperation with other researchers, you will try to contribute to our knowledge and tools – by applying advanced machine learning techniques.


Learning outcome 1: You set up a data Science process

Learning outcome 2: You collect and address relevant data

Learning outcome 3: You perform data analysis

Learning outcome 4: You evaluate & deploy results of the data science process


 n.b. iedere learning outcome kent eigen indicatoren.


Participation requirements Technical domain: HBO-ICT

To participate in this minor, you must have completed your first year. You have a more than average interest in Data Science. Furthermore you have experience with the CRISP-DM Methodology and basis programming skills, at least Python, you may be asked to show proof of your python knowledge.


Twee actieve les dagen & twee project dagen


Eind rapport aangevuld met assessment

Aanvullende informatie

Practical details

Location: HZ (Middelburg)

Language: English - depending on the project Dutch is possible as well