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Offshore Renewable Energy

The contribution of Offshore Renewable Energy to the energy market is essential for a better environment and for our future. The human use of energy is still increasing and we are running out of fossil fuels. In the future, we can solve this by generating renewable offshore energy from wind, currents, waves and other sources. Currently, many new offshore wind farms are planned and build in the Netherlands. Zeeland is a major contributor to the construction of offshore wind farms, both nationally and internationally. This means that there are many future-proof jobs available for young engineers.

The minor prepares students for a career in this emerging market and allows you to make your own contribution to a better environment.


-How can you design a wind turbine to make from wind energy.-How can you design a turbine to make from current energy.

-Which system  is necessary to go from Offshore Renewable Energy to the field of users, like industry and house keepings.

-How can you service and operate an Offshore renewable energy system the best way.

-Which logistics do you need to do the installation of Offshore renewable energy the most efficient way.

-How can you do the installation of Offshore Renewable Energy the most efficient way. What equipment  do you need and is available.

-How can we project Nature the best way and what can we improve in Nature.

Aanvullende informatie

What makes this minor special is that all classes will be taught by professionals from the business sector. Moreover, all projects are current and actual issues from the market. The guest lectures and excursions will give you a clear picture of the professional practice. Because of the close interaction with participating companies, you will get to know all the various activities in each company. This gives you a good impression of the entire Renewable industry and can help you choose the right career.


Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Water Management, Logistics Engineering, ICT data, Maritime Officer, Service Management , Management Economy, or a related study programme.

Further requirements: you have completed the propedeuse phase and a minimum of 30 EC from the 2nd study year.


Blok 1 2xExams+1 project main subjects 1 main project
Blok 2 3x Exams 3xcases 3xpractica and 1 main project

3x2,5 main subjects project 7,5 each blok

Min. grade: 5,5


Power points of companies articles


Blok 1  7 guest college every week in 3 days
Excursion 1 day a week, 1 day self-work on project
Blok 2  4 guest college every week 2 days, 1 day case or practica a week, Excursion 1 day a week, 1 day self-work on project