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Design and Strategies for Themed Entertainment (1st semester 24/25)

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In the Minor Design and Strategies in Themed Entertainment students will experience groundbreaking knowledge on the industry of Attractions and Theme Parks Management (including Attractions, Amusement, Theme Parks, Zoos and Supplying companies).

During the minor you will focus on key strategic topics such as a) sustainable business modelling, b) future trends, c) strategic design, d) vision development, and e) innovation. Together with cutting edge industry partners and clients, you will discover and develop the next insights and concepts that combine commercial success with ethical and sustainable leadership, for preferable futures.   

This minor will uniquely combine a major client-focused project assignment in the Themed Entertainment Industry (20 EC), a course on Storytelling and Consumer Experiences (5 EC) and a course on Sustainable Business Strategies for the Future (5 EC).


At the end of this minor you will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge and theories about storytelling and experience design
  • Apply knowledge and theories about sustainability with the attractions and theme parks industry
  • Apply this new sustainability knowledge to the project/assignment of the client:
  • Build bridges, by co-creating with internal and external stakeholders for the purpose of the strategy
  • Arrive at a strategic policy on the basis of a vision
  • Create support for the proposed strategic policy and its implementation
  • Organise and facilitate creative sessions/brainstorming sessions with various participants
  • Take ethically responsible actions
  • Review a business-related problem or challenge of a company or organisation within the broader context of that company or organisation (strategic/tactical);
  • Establish a step-by-step approach for achieving a new concept and/or design including a storyline
  • Create the sustainable business case for the client by looking into the feasibility of the concept and taking into account ethics and sustainable development
  • Define and apply a full fletch design research methodology, based on different theories; Apply a systematic literature review, including data-collection and analysis on validity and reliability.


Propaedeutic certificate obtained

Besides that it is important that you have an intrinsic motivation to learn, engage, develop yourself in the area of sustainable strategies, future scenarios, experience design and storytelling in the attractions and theme parks industry


To be decided


The project supervisor will assess the project based on the deliverables: justification document, final product and final presentation to the client. The courses will be assessed via a portfolio and a vlog. To pass the minor, all three components must be obtained with a 5.5 or higher. Each deliverable can be resubmitted within two weeks after feedback in consultation with the team coach. All products to be delivered must be submitted digitally.

Aanvullende informatie

Researching, designing, presenting sustainable business plans for clients from the industry of themed entertainment (theme parks, zoos, attractions, family entertainment centres, supplying companies etc).

Interviewing- and presentation/pitching skills will be (further) developed. Real life project management will be trained and applied to deliver good and expected outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Students will gain more understanding in strategic business development, the core principles of storytelling and concepting to deliver new concepts for attractions, themed areas, business ideas etc. that are successful for the specified target groups. In these new concepts, there is information on the designs, stories, implementation phase, important stakeholders and investments needed. 

Strategy & Innovation, Experience Design, Storytelling, Consumer Experiences, Concept development, Sustainability, Ethics, Business Modelling, Presentation- and Pitching skills, Project Management, Business Model Canvas, Consultancy, Personal- and Professional Development 

Structure of the minor

  • Project assignment for a client (20 EC)
  • course Storytelling & Consumer Experiences (5 EC)
  • course Sustainable Business Strategies for the Future (5 EC).

Teaching method(s)
The project assignment will be supervised by a BUas supervisor via weekly supervised meetings. The courses will be offered via different teaching methods such as lectures, guest lectures, workshops, fieldtrips and a hackathon.

International context
The industry of Themed Entertainment is a global industry and therefore we work with clients from all over the world. If we work with Dutch clients, there is always an international component added to it such as international target groups or field trips.
The language of this minor is English.

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