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Arts and Culture Studies 1

Are you a student in the field of Arts and Culture and would you like to deepen your knowledge? We offer a module of three courses at university level. Besides expanding your knowledge you will work on your research skills. This module may be combined with Arts and Culture Studies 2.

The module consists of courses from the bachelor Arts and Culture Studies of Radboud University. The courses also form part of the pre-master's for the following Masters': Tourism and Culture, Creative Industries and the Dutch Master's Kunstbeleid en Kunstbedrijf. With this module, you may complete part of the pre-master's during your Bachelor's. 

This module consists of the following courses:

  • European Culture LET-ACWB108 (5 EC)
  • Visual Culture LET-ACWB302 (5 EC)
  • City Culture LET-ACWB301 (5 EC)


For more details, please see the course details for the separate courses, to be found in the Course Guide.


This minor is open to students in the fields of Arts and Culture, for instance students from Universities of the Arts (Kunstacademie), students from Design programmes, Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle, Tourism Management etc.

As courses in this minor are in English, you are required to have a good command of the English language (speaking, listening, reading and writing). If your hbo-Bachelor is fully taught in English, if you're studying to be an English teacher or if you have a VWO-diploma, you will probably not have too much trouble with this minor. If your situation is different, you will need to upload an official language test for Bachelor students with your application at Radboud University.


For more details, please see the course details for the separate courses, to be found in the Course Guide. Please note the information for the new Study Year will be available from June onwards. Please make sure to check you are looking at the correct Study Year in the Course Guide.


You can view the timetable here:
Log in using Guest access (if necessary).

Click on the button [+Add timetable] on the right hand side.
Click on [Course], a window “Courses” will open.
Use the Search bar to find the courses: use the course codes in the description of this minor.
Select the correct course(s) and click on [Add timetable].
Once you have added all courses, you can close the window "Courses".

Please note:

- schedules will only be available approx. 1 month before the semester starts: at the end of July for Semester 1 and the end of December for Semester 2.

- individual study time (a.k.a. Self Study) and group assignment work is not scheduled in the time table. 


For details, please see the course details for the separate courses, to be found in the Course Guide.

Aanvullende informatie

For talented and ambitious students this minor can be used as preparation for a Master's in Arts and Culture Studies, specialisations Creative Industries, Tourism and Culture and Kunstbeleid en Kunstbedrijf. If you were to apply for the premaster's for any of these programmes at Radboud University, after finishing this minor and a suitable Bachelor's degree, you would be exempted from the three courses you completed in this minor.

This minor can be combined with Arts and Culture Studies 2 into a 30 EC programme.