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Minor Data Science

The minor 'Data Science' enables students to bridge the gap between non-RU bachelor programmes and our master programme in Data Science.

Courses include

  • NWI-IBC043 - Introduction to Academic Writing and Research Methods for Computing Scientists (3 EC)
  • SOW-BKI10? - Calculus for AI (3 EC)
  • NWI-IPK001 - Introduction to Formal Reasoning (6 EC)
  • SOW-BKI125 - Introduction AI for CS (3 EC)
  • NWI-IPC021 - Security (6 EC)
  • NWI-IBI008 - Data Mining (6 EC)

And a choice between

  • SOW-BKI124 - Lineair Algebra for AI (3 EC)
  • NWI-IPC017 - Matrix Calculation (3 EC)

Note: In addition to the research master Data Science, this master specialisation can also be combined with the master specialisations Science, Management and Innovation or with Science in Society.


As the minor prepares for the master Data Science, it contains introductory courses to areas that are typically lacking in the students' background, i.e., mathematics (e.g., calculus, linear algebra, formal reasoning), scientific research, and specialization courses.

Aanvullende informatie

The minor is scheduled in the 1st semester (1 September 2020 t/m 31 January 2021). The schedule and prospectus will be available around 1 July 2020.


Third or fourth year's students from the Bachelor's of Applied Sciences Universities. Acceptable course programmes include, for example, computing science, electrical engineering, artificial intelligence, bio-informatics. If unsure about your eligibility for this minor please contact us. 


The type of examination for each course is mentioned in the course description in the on-line prospectus:


The literature used for each course is mentioned in the course description in the on-line prospectus: