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How to create killer content

You’ll learn to create and strategically use content marketing.

In How to create killer content you learn to strategically use content marketing. This course covers all the tools you need to create engaging content and establishing long lasting customer relations.

Course content

Marketing communication has shifted from sending information to the customer to conversing with, and engaging customers.

Publishing engaging content helps to make your customer a promoter or co-creator of your product. But how to reach this goal ? What are the secrets to creating that one viral video? Or to make your image shareable? Which tactics should you use to get your customer on your Twitter stream to work together on your product? This programme gives you all the tools and tricks to create the killer content you need to engage the customer and establish long lasting customer relations.

This exchange programme supplies all the courses needed to create a brilliant customer activation content strategy. So we provide marketing classes and creativity training but also lectures on visual language and creative copywriting. Practical subjects such as photo and video creation and editing and making infographics are taught in workshops.

The first part of the programme tests whether you have acquired the above skills, based on a strategy that you have to develop and the elaboration of

campaign elements. In the second part, we seek cooperation with the creative industry and get you a case to work on.


Learning outcomes

The exchange programme How to create killer content offers the courses needed to create a brilliant customer activation content strategy.  Expertise on marketing, creativity and design are the key concepts. During the programme you will work on a project with an actual company that need an inspiring and thoroughly designed content marketing plan. You will also meet successful (content)marketeers and visit conferences on the topic of content marketing.

You can expect courses like marketing communications, creativity, Photoshop, video recording and editing, moving animation, humour and ethics, writing, creating how to’s, creating infographics and web monitoring & analytics.

Aanvullende informatie

Before submitting through Kies op Maat please contact the minor contact person: Tinka Gijsen ( or 0622490768) if participating is still possible or whether the maximum number of participants has been reached. 

How do I apply?
The application process regarding the Kies op Maat minor at Saxion is a bit different than described at

How does it work?
Step 1: Download the learning agreement from the Kies op Maat website and let it sign by a member of the exam commission at your own educational institution ánd sign the document yourself.
Step 2: go to and fill in your personal data
Step 3: you will receive an automatic generated email from IAM including your username and password
Step 4: go the, log on with your username and password which you have received from IAM and apply!
Step 5: After this we can process your application for a Kies op Maat minor at Saxion

Please note: in 'upload documents' you are requested to upload some documents. The following documents we need:

  • A copy of your valid passport or ID-card. No driving license!
  • A copy of your propaedeutic diploma or a printout from the DUO diploma register. In case you do not have the propaedeutic diploma yet, we would like to receive an official statement from your educational institution in which they state that you will receive the propaedeutic diploma before the start of the minor.
  • Learning agreement, page 1, 2 and 3 (signed by a member of the exam commission of your own education institution and student)
  • Original Proof of Payment. You can collect the document, even when you are paying in terms, at your own educational institution. Soon you will receive more information.

If you have further questions, please let us know. You can contact Saxion Student Registration, telephone number: 088 – 019 3000.


Target group

This exchange programme is meant for second- or higher year bachelor students with an interest in the field of creative media, information, communication, and/or marketing. The programme is open for students from all courses and schools, except Creative Business.

Creative businesses are keen on individuals with an international orientation, who are proficient in developing engaging content on a professional level. The programme How to Create Killer Content contributes to your ability to create and develop content, based on adequate research and marketing communication strategies. Students who successfully complete this programme know how to run a content marketing campaign from start till end, from strategy to design and production.


Assessment methods

Your theoretical knowledge and skill will be tested in modules of 5 ECTS. There will be assessments and one theoretical exam.


Michelle Menten, Student:
"This minor was the perfect addition to my current studies in Germany. Besides my basic content marketing knowledge, I learned to create a brilliant content marketing campaign for an actual company. We gained not only knowledge on how ‘killer content’ should be, but we actually created all the content by our own. My theoretical skills were extended by a lot of practical skills in Photography & Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator, Camera & Video Editing, Budgets & Analytics and some skills like writing. Tor this purpose, the University of Saxion has great opportunities because they provide a lot of equipment, nice working spaces and has great lecturers who teach you in a very relaxed atmosphere."

Lea Wieser, Student:
"I choose this minor because I wanted to extend my theoretical knowledge with some more practical activities. The minor is perfect if you want to improve your practical skills. To create the best killer content we got to know the Adobe programs like photoshop, InDesign etc. My personal highlight was the video editing class where we got to know how to work with a 4k camera and film properly. The university provides all the modern material which is needed to make the most out of your Erasmus.


Course structure

How to create killer content is a twenty-week programme, taught in two series of 10 weeks. In the first ten weeks the focus is on the theory behind content marketing and training in visual and written content creation, as well as in creativity.

In the second part of the programme you’ll use all the knowledge and gained skills of the first ten weeks to work on a project, delivering a campaign strategy and deliverables.