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Transfer minor Psychology (doorstroomminor Psychologie)

Are you eager to deepen your understanding of human behavior, while gaining the practical skills to create and design effective solutions? Do you see yourself using your psychological expertise to solve real-world, contemporary issues, in fields as diverse as industry, education, health, technology, and safety?

If you are attracted by these questions and motivated to continue with our Master’s programme in Psychology, then the transfer minor is the right choice for you. In the transfer minor you learn (basic) psychological knowledge, research and design skills.

Topics in the transfer minor are for example:

How can human behavior be explained from the different disciplines within Psychology?
What motives do people have to act a certain way?
How can we influence undesirable behavior?
How can we use research data to analyze a problem and/ or design an intervention?


The transfer minor consists of the following courses. A brief description of the goals is presented here, for the elaborate description please see

Introduction to Psychology: being able to name and recognize the most important theories and scientific insights in the field of Psychology and apply these to examples.

Academic Writing: knowledge and skills in writing (English) academic texts.
Research Methodology and Descriptive Statistics: knowledge and skills in setting up a research design and the basics of statistics.

Inferential Statistics: knowledge and skills in (more) advanced statistics.

Design Methodology for Psychology: being able to systematically design an original and appropriate intervention for behavioural change for a psychological problem.

Pre-master Research Practical: knowledge and skills in describing and reflecting critically on scientific (quantitative and qualitative) research.

By taking the transfer minor during your university of applied sciences bachelor’s programme, you can transfer to the Psychology master’s programme more quickly. This way you already complete about half of the pre-master in your transfer minor and after finishing your bachelor’s programme (including the transfer minor) the only components left are the self-study (July/Aug) and a module of 15 EC (only possible in the 1 Sep - January semester), allowing you to start your Psychology master’s programme in February. Additionally, the transfer minor is the perfect opportunity to find out whether studying at a (research) university is right for you.

For more information on the (remainder of your) pre-master please take a look at

Following completion of your Master’s degree, you will have the opportunity to prove your worth to society as an expert in human behaviour. The position and the sector you work in will partly depend on your Master’s specialization.

Aanvullende informatie

  • The pre-master’s programme is designed not only to address any deficiencies in your prior knowledge, but it is also an effective way to find out whether studying at a research university in the field of Psychology is right for you. To this end, in the pre-master Psychology programme several rules, as a Binding Recommendation (Bindend Studieadvies), are applicable. There is for example limited time in which you have to complete the pre-master. You also have to earn sufficient marks with a maximum of one re-sit per course. That said, in practice almost all motivated students complete the programme in the allotted time. For the elaborate version of the rules please see

  • This is a minor of the University of Twente (UT). All lectures are offered at the UT campus in Enschede.
  • The transfer minor is taught in English.
  • Please note that after having finished the transfer minor (and your bachelor of applied sciences) you are not directly admissible to the master. As explained above you first need to complete the remaining part of the pre-master (only possible in the summer and first semester) after which you can start the Master’s programme in February.
  • N.B. The learning agreement signed by the student and his Examination Board must have reached the UT-contactperson before the enrollment ends.


Good to know that this minor aims to attract students from universities of applied sciences (HBO) who have the adequate motivation and capacities to complete an English-taught degree programme on university level.

The University of Twente assumes that students who start this transfer minor possess sufficient prior knowledge in mathematics (preferably Wiskunde –A on so-called VWO-level) and that they are sufficiently proficient in English (benchmark score in this regard: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80). Students are supposed to assess themselves whether their competencies in this respect match with the recommended levels. Preparatory courses can be found at Babel en Boswell Bèta or Open Universiteit or at Saxion for Saxion-students.

In order to start this transfer minor it is a requirement that 120 EC (content related) from your current studies have been completed. In order to determine whether your current studies is sufficiently content related to our Master specialization(s) please check


Each course in this transfer minor is worth 5 EC and concluded with a test and/or an assignment. In detail:

  • Introduction to Psychology                     Exam
  • Academic Writing Pre-master MPS        Test and assignment (individual)          
  • Research Meth. and Descr. Statistics    Tests and assignment (individual)          
  • Inferential Statistics                                Tests and assignment (individual)          
  • Design Methodology for Psychology      Tests (indiv) and assignment (group)          
  • Pre-master Research Practical              Test and assignments (individual)

N.B. Students from Toegepaste Psychologie take the course History of Psychology (202000445) instead of the course Introduction to Psychology (because of the overlap).


N.B. Required literature may be subject to change.

Introduction to psychology (202000440):
Ciccarelli, S.K. & White, J.N. (2018) Psychology (5th edition) Global edition (paperback). Harlow: Pearson ISBN13: 978-1-292-15971-3 ISBN10: 1-292-15971-5

Academic Writing Pre-master MPS (202001400):
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (softcover)

Research Methodology and Descriptive Statistics (202001402)
The practice of Social Research van Earl Babbie (14th edition). ISBN 9781305104945.

Inferential Statistics (202001403):
Stats data and Models Richard D. De Veaux Paul F. Velleman Co-auteur: David E. Bock. Pearson Education Limited ISBN 9781292101637.

Design Methodology for Psychology (202000441):
Reader Systematic Intervention Design and Evaluation in Psychology

Pre-master Research Practical (202001402):
Forshaw, M. (2013). Your Undergraduate Psychology Project: A Student Guide. John Wiley & Sons ISBN 978-0470669983.

APA manual

Spector, P.E. (1991). Summated rating scale construction. Thousand Oaks: Sage publications inc


This transfer minor takes one semester and is only offered as a full time programme. You can start the transfer minor either in September or February.