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Communication Science (COM) (Transferminor / doorstroomminor)

The transfer minor Communication Science is for anyone fascinated by all kinds of communication. The world of Communication is changing constantly. We can exchange information with more or less any place on earth, at any moment of the day or night that we choose. It is hard to image a world without internet, mobile phones satellite navigation, e-mail and television. Because technological developments have such a huge impact on how we communicate, communication Science focuses a great deal on advances and trends in (new) media.  

Are you interested and are you motivated to follow the master Communication Science after your bachelor degree, then the transfer minor Communication Science is the right programme for you!

The so-called transfer-minor (in Dutch: Doorstroomminor) Communication Science programme gives you the theoretical grounding and practical know-how to tackle today’s communication challenges. It focuses on the themes that matter most to communication professionals.

The transfer minor (= pre-master programme COM) equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate fully in the master’s programme Communication Science. They also give you a firm foundation in the research methods and statistical analysis you will need to conduct independent research as part of your master’s programme.


In this minor we offer courses that both address attaining knowledge and skills in doing communication research.  The minor is worth 30 credits, which is the equivalent of half an academic year (1 semester) of full-time study. It contains the following courses: mathematics (10 EC’s), academic skills and introduction to research (12 EC’s) and domain related (communication) courses (8 EC’s).

This transfer minor dominantly aims at preparing you for the master of science (MSc) degree programme Communication Science (COM). If you complete this minor successful, you have direct and unconditional access to the master programme Communication Science of 1 year (60 EC). At the end, after having completed this transfer minor and the subsequent master’s degree programme Communication Science successfully, you will graduate as a highly trained communication professional with the insight and creativity to handle all kinds of communication issues. Whether you want to work in business, such as in an advertising or communication consultancy or research agency, or if you prefer a governmental or health institution, all of this is possible as a communication scientist. All organisations, in no matter which sector, need to communicate. You will be ideally suited to a job as for example advisor, press officer, consultant or online marketer.

Aanvullende informatie

This is a minor of the University of Twente (UT). All lectures are offered at the UT campus in Enschede.

N.B. The learning agreement signed by the student and his Examination Board must have reached the UT-contact person before the enrollment ends!


Good to know that this minor aims to attract students from universities of applied sciences (HBO) who have the adequate motivation and capacities to complete an English-taught degree programme on university level.

The University of Twente assumes that students who start this transfer minor possess sufficient prior knowledge in mathematics (preferably Wiskunde –A on so-called VWO-level) and that they are sufficiently proficient in English (benchmark score in this regard: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80). Students are supposed to assess themselves whether their competencies in this respect match with the recommended levels.

In any case you need have to completed 120 EC’s from your current content related bachelor’s studies before starting this transfer minor. In order to determine whether your current studies is sufficiently content related to Communication Science, please check:  or check the COM programme’s website of Communications Science:


For those whose current bachelor’s studies involves a non-related programme, admission is determined on an individual basis by the Admission Board of the programme.


Each course in this transfer minor is concluded with either a test or an assignment. All courses are offered twice per year. In a schedule:

Pre-master’s programme (as from February 2020)

Semester 1 (September)
Block 1A
Research Methodology and Descriptive Statistics   201300063  5EC

Block 1B
Inferential Statistics
201300064   5EC

Blok 1A + 1B
PM-COM: Theory, Skills, Project 201900086   20EC

Semester 2 (February)
Block 2A

Research Methodology and Descriptive Statistics 201300063   5EC

Block 2B
Inferential Statistics 201300064  5EC

Blok 2A + 2B
PM-COM: Theory, Skills, Project 201900086   20EC

The maximal registration period in this minor is 1 year. Per course you have max. 2 attempts to complete an exam or assignment.


The fulltime version of this 30 EC’s transfer minor takes 1 semester and is only offered as a full time programme. You can start the transfer minor in September or February.