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Innovation tools in Equine Sports and Business

Equine sports sector knowledge: performance, customer relationship, market analysis, sustainability, operational processes

Skills: problem solving, innovation development, external communication, presentation, project management, team work


You will learn:
• To develop and practice with effective tools for on line marketing and sales.
• To develop specific unique new innovation, by going through the innovation cycle.
• To develop a business plan for a small company related to your innovation.
• To analyse horse and rider performance, in order to advice specific target groups.


1: To develop a business plan
2: To translate and to apply governmental policies and legislation into practice
3: Preparation and implementation of applied research
4: To develop and market products and services
5: To analyse and to optimize the management of an animal husbandry business
6: To acquire clients and to give advice
7: To lead projects, processes and people
8: To develop and apply a quality (assurance) system
9: To show professional behaviour and reflection on own performance
10: To conduct social responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship
11: Interactive inform specific target groups
12: Overseeing the international animal husbandry sector

Aanvullende informatie

In case of a low number of applications for the minor, the minor may not be offered. After closing the registration period, you will be informed as soon as possible (no later than 7 June 2019).


Students with at least 2 year Bachelor education in Agriculture or Animal Husbandry.

Provide documents for entry requirements: Grade list from your current Bachelor program that is showing you are fulfilling the entry requirements.


Written tests for each module, as well as a project assignment for each module.

Grade between: 1.0 - 10.0


Through the course website literature will be announced that will also be available web-based or in the library.


30 EC corresponding with 30*28 hours work load = 840 hours