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Equine Sports and Business

Equine Sports Performance focusses on the qualities that modern sport horses must possess and how to manage these horses: breeding, exercise physiology, mental aspects and breeding. You will advise a self-acquired client by means of a breeding advise.
In the Business Project you advise an entrepreneur that wants to expand or change his business in the equine sector. This real life project ends with clear recommendations that directly can be used by the entrepreneur.
The Research Project gives you the opportunity to select a hot issue in the equine industry, translate it into a research question, look for an appropriate research method, look into literature, collect data, do a statistical analysis and, in the end, come up with an answer.
International Business Management entails a management game integrating marketing, finance and logistics in a simulation environment. Teams of five students, will compete with each other. Every team represents the management team of a company
International Marketing Management works through a computer simulation game. You will run a marketing division for two years in compressed time and learn what it will be like to compete in the fast-paced, competitive market where customers are demanding and the competition is working hard to take away your business.
In International Sales you will organise an equine event (symposium) and practice your sales skills in an equine related topic. You have to deal with all the aspects of organising an event, like sponsoring, selling tickets, getting free publicity. In a sales meeting, with a professional seller, you will sell an equine related product.


Student perform equine sports business related research, management, communication and development activities that are required for professionals in the international equine sports sector, employed by commercial companies in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors at Bachelor level.

Aanvullende informatie

In case of a low number of applications for the minor, the minor may not be offered. After closing the registration period, you will be informed as soon as possible (no later than 7 June 2019).


You have to study now in a Bachelor Animal Husbandry or comparable study program.

Always you need to have at least 90 credits from your Bachelor program at the moment of registration and at least 120 credits to be able to start with the minor.

The following documents must be send: Grade list from your current Bachelor program that is showing you are fulfilling the entry requirements.


For Professional Orientation you have to submit several individual products in your portfolio related to your personal development. For Equine Sport Performance module you have make a written exam and you have to submit an advisory report for a commissioner. For the Research Project and for the Business project module you have to submit a research report and an article, and you have to prepare and execute a consultation meeting based on your research outcomes. For the International Business Management module and the International Marketing Management you will have an oral performance interview, a written exam focusing on the topic of your module and an oral exam as shareholder or stakeholder meeting. For the module International Sales you have an oral exam in the form of a sales meeting, you have some specific sales assignments that lead to your personal portfolio and your contribution to the organization of a sales symposium will be evaluated.


Through the course website literature will be announced that will also be available web-based or in the library.


30 EC corresponding with 30*28 hours work load = 840 hours