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Landscape Architecture

The major Landscape Architecture offers an international (English spoken) program in the winter semester of the third study year. During this semester the student focuses on two main projects and a 'toolbox'-module. The main modules are both landscape design modules and focus on different scale-levels. The first module focusses on the local scale in an urban context. The second module focusses on the regional landscape scale. In this way the minor offers two different angles in which the profession of landscape architecture is practiced in the Netherlands. The toolbox module gives students extra tool and exercises, adding to the minor specific knowledge and capabilities, that are valuable for the landscape designer.

Besides fieldtrips connected to the assignments, we organize two extra field trips for foreign students to explore the Dutch landscape, as wel as a lecture series. After one semester in The Netherlands the Exchange student will have become acquainted with the Dutch landscape and landscape architecture practise in The Netherlands.

Added value:
External students will expand their ‘scope’, knowledge, skills and expertise in the field of Landscape architecture in the Dutch context, in combination with gaining experience of working in an international setting.

Dutch landscape architecture and the Dutch approach towards landscape design are renown all over the world. The way the Dutch shaped their landscape is unique. The minor offers the possibility to get acquainted with and understand the way in which the different landscapes in the Netherlands came to be. After one semester in Velp students will see that different rural and urban landscapes deal with different problems that require different design approaches and solutions. This experience can work as a mirror for evaluating the usual approach towards and interaction with the landscape in their home country.


General learning goals of the minor are described here. for specific learning goals per module see ‘Module descriptions’.

The student will:

  • get acquainted with the profession of Landscape Architecture as practiced in The Netherlands;
  • develop knowledge and skills on the design of urban and rural spaces and landscapes;
  • learn to use different methods for spatial analysis and design;
  • develop his/her graphic visualization abilities;
  • develop his/her knowledge on important social issues connected to the profession.


Intake interview with the minor coordinator.

Documents to be handed in: Portfolio, grade list, overview of completed modules


Recommended literature:
Oles, T.; Go with me, 50 steps to landscape thinking. Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, 2014;

Vlug, J.A. et al, (2013). The need for Design. Velp: Hogeschool van Hall-Larenstein. ISBN: 978-90-817426-7-2. (available at institute, T&L, VHL).


Dependent on the module. Activities and work forms are: Assignments, design studio's, lectures, theory, workshops, excursions. Guidance is relatively intensive in the first period (2-2,5 day/week) and less intensive in the second period (1-1,5 day/week). Course load is 40 hours per week.


Design & Inspiration:

  • Work book (individual; in between products, process, essay).
  • Development Plan (design) and presentation (individual, oral presentation, in combination with poster (optional: models, video, ..).

Tool box:

  • Assessment Tool 1, Graphic techniques: work book;
  • Assessment Tool 2, Modelling and Design (M@d): model and oral explanation (presentation) or ‘ Sustainable urban water systems’: report.

Strategic design:

  • Research report;
  • 4 A0-Design posters, design explanation (1 A4) and presentation.

Supplementary assignment:

Presence at least 80% of the offered lectures and excursions.  

Aanvullende informatie

The minor will be in English. Lectures will be in English as much as possible. Individual tutoring and guidance will be done in English for foreign students, but will also be done in Dutch when only Dutch are present (f.i. in small groups).