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International Farm Management

Basic Part
• Personnel management on primary agricultural businesses
• Production management on large scale primary businesses
• People and culture
• Financial management
• Excursions
• Practical on-farm assignments (national – international)
• Project
• Analyze and optimize a (big) international dairy Farm


The student can:
• record economic data and analyse them for improved management;
• design a farm from greenfield (cropping plan, housing plan, organisation and mechanisation);
• draw up an analysis report and advice on basis of farm, animal and data inspection;
• draw up an implementation plan;
• convert business objectives in operational management;
• direct personnel and manage change processes;
• formulate norms and standards and adjust these for quality control or certification;
• differentiate between facts and opinions;
• and has insight in the development possibilities of professions.

Aanvullende informatie

In case of a low number of applications for the minor, the minor may not be offered. After closing the registration period, you will be informed as soon as possible (no later than 21 December 2018).


Completed propedeuse Dier en Veehouderij (Animal Husbandry) or Agrarisch ondernemerschap (Agricultural Entrepreneurship).

Documents to be submitted for entry requirements: According to Van Hall Larenstein guidelines


Basic Part
LDV353VE1-01 Farm Plan for new dairy project (group of 4 students).
LDV353VE1-02 Protocol and Instruction of Personnel (group of 2 students).
LDV353VE1-03 Portfolio with Personal Profile (individually).

LDV353VE1-04 Quick Scan and Presentation on Work Visit (group of 2 students).
LDV353VE1-05 Research (group of 2 students).
LDV353VE1-06 Advice (group of 2 students).


To be determined.


A mix of working methods is used in this module: lectures/tutorials, workshops, practical training, working in project groups, self-study. The minor has a study load of 840 sbu, which are roughly divided as follows:

  • Basic Part: 420h
  • Personnel management: 90h
  • People and culture: 50h
  • Production management: 140h
  • Financial management: 40h
  • Excursions: 100h
  • Project 420h