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Talkabilities (English)

This minor focuses on development of communication in very young children (0-4 years) in day nurseries and preschools. How do toddlers communicate in their pre-school period? And what kind of communication problems can we expect in these settings?

Mostly the speech and language therapist ought to be the expert in the field of communication development. But what about the parents? Which important role can be played by parents and other professionals to enhance “Talkabilities” of very young children?

In this speech therapy minor the verbal and the non-verbal modalities of language play an important role. Interactive strategies are high lightened in both theoretical and practical way.

Participants of Talkabilities first start with the theoretical concepts and backgrounds of early intervention and responsive interactive strategies. After that the theoretical concepts will be transferred into practice.


  • The student can summarize motor, cognitive, language, play and social development of young children.
  • The student can give an overview of routine check-ups for young children in the Netherlands, in Germany (and in Portugal) and can name diagnostic instruments for testing language development.
  • The student can summarize principles which develop and stimulate communicative abilities of children (individual and in group).
  • The student can illustrate which speech and language therapy interventions for children are evidence based.
  • The student can give parents information about language development and the role parent can play in that part of the development of their child.
  • The student can give a workshop for teachers and for parent from an early childhood setting or a kindergarten .
  • The student is able to observe a child between 0 and 4 years, a student-child interaction and a teacher-child interaction and write the results in an objective way.
  • The student can develop a RIS reminder.

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The examination of the first-year programme Speech language therapist has to be completed successfully.


Portfolio-assessment with two teachers of the minor: 10 EC

Presentation and roundtable discussion: 5 EC


Lesmateriaal bestaat uit kopieën en eventueel aan te schaffen boeken. De boeken zijn echter ook in het Studielandschap uit te lenen. De geschatte kosten voor deze minor ligt tussen de €60,- á 80,-.


Werkvormen: Cursus, training en buitenschoolse opdrachten