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Business Abroad 1 (English)

The meaning of 'doing business abroad' will be illuminated from different major facets to do business overseas successfully and to understand it's complexity in today's global context.

The content of the special topics part of the minor has been adapted through  more challenging and inspiring master classes by business professionals and company visits since 2016-2017. In the second part of the minor special topics  is focusing on collaboration in international teams on international projects. These changes are based on feedback from students in 2017-2018.


Students will gain an understanding of the meaning of ‘doing business abroad’ from various dimensions (business, cultural, legal, management, financial, intercultural communication and/or media-awareness) and learn to reflect critically on themselves.

Students will gain an understanding of the guiding principles and concepts of international marketing, supply chain management, law, finance and intercultural communication that focus on international import-export trade strategies in their regional context. 

Learning outcomes covered in BAM:

Systematically select and plan the entry in new buying and

selling markets.

Enhance the chances of success through an integrated

review of analysis and strategy with marketing, law,

organisation, finance and logistics.

Put together a sound line of reasoning from strategy to


The student is able to identify the key issues of financial management for MNCs.

The student is able to analyze the effects of financial management decisions on MNCs.

The student is able to explain the basic concepts of international flow of funds.

The student is able to describe the role of different international financial markets.

The student is able to calculate exchange rates.

The student is able to explain the effects of changes in exchange rates on transactions.

The student is able to recognize a legal issue and to give legal options to an European or international business issue.

The student is able to recognize which law is applicable to an agreement that crosses national borders.

The student is able to recognize which court has jurisdiction in European business issue.

The student is able to give a correct legal advice.

The student is able to demonstrate to work in an international team.

The student is able to explain differences of working with people from different cultures.

The student can explain the relation between the major business disciplines of HR, production, marketing, sales, finance and logistics.

The student is able to formulate a business strategy based on a thorough analysis of a business.

The student can demonstrate to make business decisions for a company following a specific strategy.

Student is able to construct on his/her own initiative a development plan as future business professional, for short- and long term, keeping in mind his/her own strengths and weaknesses and keeping personal objectives in mind.

The student is able to spot complex business challenges.

To make students aware of the differences and similarities of various law systems while doing business abroad.

Aanvullende informatie

Expenses in case of excursions or workshops


The examination of the first-year programme has to be completed successfully.


Marketing 6 EC

Finance 2 EC

Law 3 EC

Import and Export Plan part 1 4 EC


Contact time: 15 hours per week

Tutorials, projects/group work, management game, guest lectures, company visits

We expect a professional attitude of the student.