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Entangled Obsessions, A new world of knitted textiles (English)

This minor addresses the whole of knitting and encourages students to embrace an open-minded approach to the subject. Students are asked to propose their own project to work on, and to go beyond the boundaries of the technique and materials, and embed its possibilities in art and design projects.

The multidisciplinary minor is about discovering (and making) a new world of knitted textiles; or to widen knowledge on knitted product development. Students will experiment with yarns and flexible materials as building blocks and/or explore the toolbox of the knitting machine. Studying at MAFAD means researching, developing ideas, documenting the creative process, and optimizing your visual work.

Results can be various, such as a research process book, an installation, a performance, architecture, product-, graphic-, textile or fashion design.

Have a look at these projects to have an idea of what the results could be:

Classes consist of design; dedicated art and design history; material science, and various skills. Discussions help students to debate, create a vision, strenghten their position within the field of art and design, and encourage cultural entrepreneurship.


In this minor you will learn about

Introductory- and upper-level courses in hand- and machine knitting.

Upper-level courses in design research; material and colour experiment; drawing and sketching; art and design history; material science.

Students define their own project description and are being coached in their process. During the minor students keep a process book.

Aanvullende informatie

Students will visit museums and exhibitions that might require entrance fees. In case of a 4-day project at the Textielmuseum Tilburg students might be asked for a fee of around €250. Some classes will require material costs of around €20.

Extra costs for material depend on the chosen practical subjects and design solutions.

Location: Herdenkingsplein 12 Maastricht

MAFAD reserves the right not to start with a minor in case when not receiving the minimum needed participants


This minor is open to all students studying arts or design. 
 Specific knowledge of knitting is not required.

The examination of the first-year programme has to be completed successfully.

Request: you write a motivation letter (in Dutch or in English) and send it to mrs. Maartje Boer


The minor will be concluded with a site-specific presentation of the project and an oral presentation of the process and result.

Students are entitled to 2 tests per year, both in the year of participation and in the following years.


The set-up of this minor will be as follows: This minor consists of 1 module spread over 10 weeks. The course load is 15 ECTS and we expect full time availability. There are several excursions to companies, museums and design studios.