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Tomorrows Hand me Downs (English)

Understanding jewelry or objects not only in relationship with itself but in a wider context by writing, philosophizing and making.
The aim of this minor is to get an insight in the way jewelry, accessories and objects are being worn and used. How you as a designer can play a distinctive role in creating a new or stronger context for (future) body adornments. We will question their ability to carry meaning and symbolism as well as their link to adjacent disciplines such as health care. The value of material as well as social and cultural context and heritage will be deeper examined during this project.



In this minor you will learn about

Social relationships in relation to design processes and the implementation of these findings. The influence of contexting, the use of different media and technology.

The application of different design processes in small projects

Research through design processes

The influence of different values on the design and creative process. Different reflection tools.

Aanvullende informatie

Extra costs for material depend on the chosen practical subjects and design solutions.


Entrance Requirements:

  • Design education / Art academie
  • affinity with Clothing and accessoires

The examination of the first-year programme has to be completed successfully.



Storytelling (4 EC), Make Laboratories (3 EC), Sociologie (3 EC), Media research and Marketing (3 EC), Context (2 EC).


The minor will be concluded with a site-specific presentation of the project and an oral presentation of the process and result


Practical education in art and design; Lectures with associated teaching assignments; Project education.

The set-up of this minor will be as follows:
This minor consists of 1 module spread over 10 weeks. The course load is 15 ECTS and we expect full time availability.
The module starts with a week “Setting the Stage” in which we explore this domain by fieldwork and excursions. The module concludes with a presentation and reflection on the creative and research process.
MAFAD reserves the right not to start with a minor in case when not receiving the minimum needed participants.