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Academic minor UM II (English)

The pre-master consists of two modules of 15 ECTS and gives direct admission to the Master’s programmes in International Business, Business Intelligence and Smart Services, Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets, Global Supply Chain Management and Change and Learning and Development in Organisations at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) of University of Maastricht.

Part II (15 ECTS) includes the following topics:

Statistics II (3 ECTS);

To gain clear understanding of the way of thinking of statistical inference.

To get acquainted with a large variety of statistical techniques

To be able to utilize the technique on statistical problems with the help of the computer package SPSS

Elective (12 ECTS, including AS)

This is a course in which you will gain thorough knowledge of one of the following concentrations:

Finance and Accounting


Organization & Strategy


To close the gap regarding knowledge about research and attitude towards performing and participating at a research project between the HBO, being practical research, and the university, being academic research


Part I must have been successfully completed


To be announced



Statistiek; hoorcolleges en werkcolleges

Academic Skills; werkcolleges en studentpresentaties

Keuzevak; werkcolleges en studentpresentaties: studenten leiden de sessies

Aanwezigheid inclusief participatie wordt meegenomen in de beoordeling


Onderwijscontacttijden: contacttijden verspreid over de hele week overdag


Statistiek, 3 EC: theorietoets, praktijktoets en participatie

Keuzevak, 12 EC: participatie, theorietoets, capstone assignment en casus