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Applied Business Sustainability I (English)

Sustainability in business (including topics like ethics, communication, finance, marketing, supply chain management and inter-cultural aspects of business organizations).

Sustainability in technology (including topics like new sustainable technologies like waste management, lean production, sustainable buildings, concept zero/carbon footprint).

Sustainability in life sciences (including topics like biomaterials, DNA, technology and health).

All three elements will be taught by following the HILL approach.


The aim of this minor is to provide students from different faculties with an improved understanding of the sustainability issues in the diverse areas of business, technology and life sciences. Following a multidisciplinary approach, this minor will offer to students a helicopter view of this subject through knowledge, individual assignments, “real-life” case presentations, and research-based skills by following the HILL approach.


Propededeutic year must have been passed.

The minor is intended for all study programs.


Teaching materials will be suggested to students

Costs may be covered/facilitated by the budget of the participating research centers


Description of meetings: Multidisciplinary knowledge & skills/field work using the method of High Impact Learning that Lasts (HILL) via group works/workshops/flash and guest lectures.

Contact hours throughout the week during the day, 15 hours per week.


Sustainability Expertise, written individual essay 11 EC

Sustainability Project Defense, oral presentation 4 EC

Aanvullende informatie

Coordinating study programmes: Material Sciences & Smart Urban Redesign/Faculty of Technology; Hotel and Facility Management/Faculty Facility Management, FIBC (SIB & IRM)

After attending Applied Sustainability I, students from various faculties have the chance to enroll/attend the minor Applied Sustainability II (not a pre-condition though)