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Applied Business Sustainability II (English)

Sustainability in business, technology, and in life sciences is a minor that will enhance students’ practical and research-based consulting skills in the broad field of sustainability.

All three scientific fields will be integrated and implement by following the HILL approach and they will come together in a large real life multidisciplinary project: students work in multidisciplinary groups on an assignment for a real project (like Chill) or a real life company on the subject of sustainability. The supervision of this project will be done be lecturers from Beta, IB, and Facility Management academies & corresponding research centers.


The aim of this minor is to provide students from different faculties with an improved understanding of the practical aspects of sustainability issues in the diverse areas of business, technology and life sciences though field work. Following a  multidisciplinary approach,  this minor will engage students from different faculties into relevant field work and will offer coaching, supervision, and guest/flash lectures and expertise sessions on research-based consulting skills that a sustainability applied consultant should acquire.


Propaedeutic year must have been passed.

The minor is intended for all study programs.

Students from different faculties are eligible to attend this minor (also, those attended the Applied Sustainability I but this is not a prerequisite)


Teaching materials will be suggested to students. Costs may be covered/facilitated by the budget of the participating research centers.


Description of meetings: Multidisciplinary field work using the method of High Impact Learning that Lasts (HILL) via group works/workshops/individual assignments/flash and guest lectures and site visits.

Contact times throughout the week during the day, 8 hours per week.

The minor is given at various locations of Zuyd.


Sustainability Project Challenge (SPC), written essay 10 EC

Sustainability Project Challenge (SPC), oral presentation 5 EC

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Coordinating study programmes: Material Sciences & Smart Urban Redesign/Faculty of Technology; Hotel and Facility Management/Faculty Facility Management, FIBC (SIB & IRM)