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Building a better World

The world is changing – and you are a part of this! If you want to know more about how you can be a ‘sdg-professional’ in the future than join this minor. 

All of us as humans share life on this planet. You as a professional will have to deal with problems in an increasingly international context. And what is more, professional questions that we have to deal with can no longer be dealt with as isolated issues. The professional of tomorrow needs to know how to work successfully in this complex environment. Rising inequality between people groups, rising corruption, mass migration, women's rights and aging population are just a few concerns that are felt worldwide.

In this unique minor you will learn, together with students from different backgrounds, to frame these issues within the new 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations (maybe you remember the 8 Millennium Goals that the UN had until 2015). Thinkers like Jeffrey Sachs en Martha Nussbaum provide a framework.   




  • You will gain a perspective for sustainable development (J. Sachs) with an eye for poverty, health, human rights and peace building; 
  • You will be able to use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a foundation for your  professional choices; 
  • You will debate about fundamental topics that many countries agree and disagree on 


This minor is open to students from all study-backgrounds. The course is taught in English. 

Further entrance requirements:

  1. You must have successfully completed the propaedeutic phase.
  2. Furthermore, we expect you to possess competency level 2 (post propedeutic). This means the following:

- We assume that you can analyze complexity, design learning tasks, and collaborate both independently and interdisciplinarily.

- We encourage you to use different perspectives and engage in dialogue with other disciplines and cultures.

- Throughout the minor we also ask you to reflect critically on content, context, process, your own person, profession, and worldview.


September - November

The exact timetable will be announced in due time.


In mixed classes you will get to know the different subjects. Learning will take place in many forms. Classes in which topics are introduced, participating in small project groups in which discussion takes place on the subjects of the classes will support you in understanding the concepts better, experiences outside of the school environment will provide a learning place, work groups in which you will learn to work with the UN 'Sustainable Development Goals'. 

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Procedure after registration:

  1. Download your learning agreement(s) then send a request to your own examination board with your signed learning agreement(s) attached.
  2. Pending the decision of your examination board, we reserve the minor place(s);
  3. Your own examination board gives approval by signing the learning agreement(s) and affixing a stamp from your college;
  4. You mail this signed and stamped learning agreement(s) to;
  5. After the learning agreement(s) are received at, you will receive an email detailing the steps you need to take to finalize your application for the minor(s).