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Business Information Technology IEM (transfer minor / doorstroomminors)

The Master’s in Business and Information Technology (BIT) is a two-year programme comprising 120 credits. The entire programme is taught in English and features two specializations:

  • Enterprise Architecture & IT Management
  • Data science & business

The programme will prepare you to occupy a leading position in the field of information systems. Management and IT form the core of your training. You will learn how to integrate and apply your newly acquired knowledge in a broad organizational context, as you develop your communication skills, interpersonal prowess and the ability to work in groups. You will be well-suited for a successful career, thanks to your extensive knowledge of IT issues and organizational challenges, your critical attitude and your positive disposition towards lifelong learning and innovation.

For students from Universities of Applied Sciences three premaster’s programmes have been created that will prepare the student for the Business Information Technology master’s programme.

  • this programme of 30EC, meant for students from other engineering programmes with a business component, like industrial engineering and management (technische bedrijfskunde).
  • A programme of 45EC (30 as transfer minor, and 15 as a premaster after graduation), meant for students with a background in business administration (bedrijfskunde).
  • Another programme of 30EC, meant for students with a computer science background, like HBO ICT, Computer science and engineering (informatica).

This means that during this transfer minor, students carry out the whole premaster’s programme.


The premaster programme (and therefore also the transfer minor) helps students to rise their theoretical level and their capabilities to think in abstract concepts. Also it gives them a foundation in Computer Science to combine with their existing knowledge in business management and engineering.


This minor aims to attract students from universities of applied sciences (HBO) who have the adequate motivation and capacities to complete an English-taught degree programme on university level.

You need to have completed 120 EC’s from the first two years of your current related bachelor’s studies before starting this transfer minor. With their signed Learning Agreement students should submit a transcript containing all courses they will have taken at their University of Applied Sciences  when starting the transfer-minor, with the marks as far as already obtained.

In addition, the University of Twente requires that students who start this transfer minor possess sufficient prior knowledge in mathematics (Wiskunde –B on so-called VWO-level) or equivalent. The programme management of the Business and Information Technology Masters's programme will require proof from you that you have this level. Additional knowledge can be obtained by e.g. Babel en Boswell Bèta or Open Universiteit (or for Saxion students by following a preparatory course in math at Saxion). Sufficient proficiency in English (benchmark score in this regard: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80) is also recommended, but not mandatory.

In order to determine whether your current studies is sufficiently related to educational science, please check:  and check the website of this master’s programme.

Note: If you have a different background, the Admission board will decide on an individual basis if for you the transfer minor is possible.


The books used for each course can be found in the course descriptions of the individual courses in the course catalogue.


  • The programme can only be followed in full time study.
  • Courses are spread over the five working days of the week, although occasionally a day may be “free”. Note that in this case students are assumed to spend their time in self-study.
  • There is 1 term of enrolment: September


Transfer minor for students with a background in Industrial Engineering and management or equivalent

Quarter 1
202001171 Calculus A  (5EC)
202001178 Linear algebra (3EC)
202000260 Organization Theory (5EC)

Quarter 2
202001065 System Design (4EC)
202001066 Programming (8EC)

Quarter 1+2
202001176 Statistics and Probability Theory (5EC)

Note. The codes and names mentioned are the 2021 course codes. Codes and modules names for 2022-2023 might be subject to minor changes.

Assessment of the study results with a mark will happen during each individual course. After each examination one re-examination is available in case of failure. The minor programme can only be finished successfully (implying admission to the master’s programme) if all individual courses have resulted in a sufficient mark. The minor programme should be finished successfully within a year after the start in order to get admission to the master’s programme.

Aanvullende informatie

N.B. The learning agreement signed by the student and his Examination Board must have reached the UT-contactperson before the enrollment ends.