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International Food Safety Management

Safe food has become a top priority. Food production has become more complicated, thus seriously increasing potential food safety risks. For many years, the Netherlands has played a leading role in the field of food safety and food quality. The first food safety certificates were issued to companies in the Netherlands. The chain approach (from farm to fork) has also played a significant role in this regard. In this programme, students will learn how to assure the quality and safety of food. Discover what a food safety system is, how to set it up and how to monitor whether a food safety system is working well. The main focus of the programme is the processing industry.

Minor is offered to students who are interested in a career in one of the following professional profiles:

  • Food quality and food safety manager
  • Auditor of international food quality systems
  • Advisor on food safety assurance


After completion of this minor, the student can

  • Apply the knowledge of various processing technologies to  control and eliminate a food safety hazard to an acceptable level
  • Plan, conduct, report and follow up an internal food quality and safety management system in accordance with food quality and safety management standards.
  • Select proper measures to be taken in order to fulfil the food safety-related requirements of most popular GFSI-recognized standards
  • Apply the knowledge about food quality management systems into practical use.

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The programme offers specialization courses focusing on:

  • Food safety technologies
  • Implementation of food safety management systems
  • Auditing food safety systems

The courses focus on both the theory and on practical applications. The classes are practice-based and hands-on, enabling participants to acquire basic skills in food safety and food quality management.


A background in food science/quality, agriculture, food law, biology , nutrition. Ability to follow the classes and express ideas clearly in English. For students with no preliminary knowledge about HACCP, quality management and EU food law (basics) a self-study is advised and reference material will be recommended


Semester 1

Name: Company Project
Mode of exam: Assessment

Name: Food Safety Technologies
Mode of exam: Exam

Name: Implementation of Food Safety Management Systems
Mode of exam: Exam

Name: Auditing Food Safety Management Systems
Mode of exam: Assessment

Name: Food Safety and Quality Management in Practice
Mode of exam: Assessment


Will be announced via Canvas after registration.


studiejaar 2020-2021, semester 1
4-5 days/week in de weken 46-4

Teachers are : Emmanuel Anom, Elsbeth Kauffmann, Kata Korosi and Annouschka Bolwerk