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  1. Security

    15,0 EC

    Almost daily, news reaches us that the government or companies are dealing with cyber-attacks by hackers. Today’s software engineering professionals must  understand the basic discipline of building securesoftware.Not because “it’s a good idea”, but because the natureof the …
    • 6 nov 2022 t/m 4 feb 2023 Gesloten
    • 16 apr 2023 t/m 8 jul 2023 Aanmelding sluit uiterlijk 28 feb 2023 om 23:45 uur
  2. Deep Learning

    15,0 EC

    Deep learning is the most advanced branch of artificial intelligence today. Inspired by the humanbrain, it enables computers to learn from examples. Deep learning has been successfully applied totasks that were previously thought to require human intelligence. To name a few,…
    • 5 feb 2023 t/m 15 apr 2023 Gesloten
    • 5 feb 2023 t/m 15 apr 2023 Aanmelding sluit uiterlijk 1 feb 2023 om 00:00 uur
  3. Empowering Android

    15,0 EC

    Background Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become common devices many people cannotlive without them. Compared to desktop computers from even only a decade ago their calculatingpower is astonishing. It is often said we do not really have a mobile phone wi…
    • 16 apr 2023 t/m 8 jul 2023 Aanmelding sluit uiterlijk 28 feb 2023 om 23:45 uur
  4. Innoveren en Ondernemen

    30,0 EC

    We heten je van harte welkom bij de minor Innoveren & Ondernemen die plaatsvindt in het bruisende Startup Lab van Inholland Alkmaar. Het doel van deze minor is tweeledig: je leert hoe je kunt innoveren en gelijktijdig ontwikkel je jouw ondernemende vaardigheden. Uniek aan de…
    • 4 sep 2023 t/m 4 feb 2024 Aanmelding sluit uiterlijk 7 jul 2023 om 00:00 uur